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  1. I think no body would want to have their wedding in PoGH since most of the discussion on this Hotel is almost long ago. Pls seriously think twice before having your big day there else it may very likely become a disaster wedding. I am so thankful that I managed to change to another hotel (as we don't see the point of continuing the negotiation process as whatever they promised will provide, changed after that!). However, the process of seeking the deposit refund (since the termination is within the refund period) from them is a very frustrating and stressful thing to handle. It's already a month but I don't receive any feedback from them. They are not responsive at all (plus the personnel handling our case already left the hote whilst the Director of Sales just keeping quiet throughout the email trails despite the complaints and all). The personnel whom I spoke to also not afraid if such complaint being escalate up to Consumer Association or its parent company, Country Heights (one of the personnel told me this: "If you want to report, report-lah!" <-- is this the service provided by a 6-star hotel?). The package isn't great cos whatever they promised may not be provided any way and for the site inspection (Unity Room), it's quite old. Well, those who previously had their nice wedding there, you girls were very lucky :) but I wish you good luck to those who plan to have or gonna have their wedding there soon.
  2. amanda angels: Yes.. I aware and amanda angels you replied under Holiday Inn thread. However for equatorial Bangi thread has no updates for years. For Holiday Inn only you replied. Does tht mean cos nobody had their recent weddings there? I created this topic not bcos I did not read all the posting and waiting for ppl to reply.. Really there were no updates for few yrs.. hence this topic not bcos I wanna wait for ppl to reply and don't read previous threads... Hope you understand..
  3. Hi all... I'll be getting married this Dec 2012 and right now only left Holiday Inn Glenmarie and Equatorial Bangi to choose from for my wedding dinner reception.. Can anyone (who have host their weddings in either of these 2 hotels or attended weddings there before) advise me which hotel is a better choice in terms of service level and also the food? I went for site inspection - Holiday Inn seems more cozy, nicer lobby area and bigger bridal suite while Equatorial is quiet and smaller suite (apparently they do not have bridal suite). Packages obtained by Holiday Inn is slow in responding and the packages seem confusing whilst Equatorial Bangi is prompt and seem good deal. Anybody out there can advise on their service level and quality of their food? Really stress as I need to sort out the hotel selection soon... :( :( Thanks!
  4. Anyone had their wedding in the Ballroom room in 2012 or end 2011? Mind to share the experience? I'm torn between Equatorial Bangi and Holiday Inn cos that's only these 2 hotels left for me to choose! I read the reviews on Holiday Inn above and really frightened me!!! Please help... :(
  5. eewang19

    Equatorial Bangi

    Anyone had their wedding in Equatorial Bangi ballroom room in 2012 or end 2011? Mind to share the experience? I'm torn between Equatorial Bangi and Holiday Inn cos that's only these 2 hotels left for me to choose! I read the review on Holiday Inn and it frightened me!!! Please help... :(
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