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  1. Sound pretty good.. My friend told me that Viking is under Continental, the tires should be reliable. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll visit to the nearest Viking workshop someday
  2. I see. My car is Civic I know Michelin and Toyo but their price range is quite high How long been u use viking? Plus, I never heard about viking before My budget is around 100++ for 1 tire tire which more than 200 is NO NO because it's not affordable
  3. Hi guys, I'm seeking for reliable tire brand to purchase. Any recommendation or suggestion? Pls dont mind to share experience as well. Thanks in advance
  4. Vaginal Yeast Infection (VYI) is a very common female disease symptom of VYI such as feeling itchy around vagina or rashes when it turns worse you can google it for more
  5. itchy? you might kena VYI better go to the hospital and consult doc for the treatment
  6. normally i will go to either econsave or giant bcz both of them sellin grocery with affordable price my kids like to eat honey star cereal as breakfast every morning giant sell honey star cheaper than aeon and econsave
  7. oh my God!! i wish i can be there to watch her too. but i dun think i am going as the ticket is too expensive... even the cheapest one also need RM128. why nowadays all the concerts are so expensive one??? Plus i think the tickets all are sold out ady T.T
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