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  1. promotion with free delivery sounds not bad. I am currently eyeing on the Cronus sofa set. Limited unit guess have to be fast... thanks for sharing yes, only with limited unit. So better be fast Just pick the things that you needed and the things that you can afford.
  2. Seriously? Are you kidding me? There is a Tesco near the area I stay This is such a great news for me! I will go to Tesco after finish work. Tqvm
  3. But the thing is now I want to buy a baby stuff for my SIL baby daughter xkan y'all want me to buy grocery for my SIL right?! lol haha
  4. My SIL is going to held a full moon party for her daughter this coming weekend I'm planning to buy some baby stuff for her little girl as a gift I'm thinking of going to baby fair as the price is cheaper I guess right? Anyone know any baby fair recently? Thanks alot
  5. I am gonna be good enough to share this with u guys.. Am going to Amei's concert tonight!! so, i will be sharing with you guys her video later on ya.. I need to thanks Celcom for giving me this opportunity. They gave me a FREE ticket to Amei's concert and yet the ticket cost RM298 and it also numbered seatingggg!
  6. newbie here. found this forum is informative n useful for me in the future. keep it up
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