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  1. Hi, We already chose Eastin hotel for our dinner reception. Previously our account was handled by Ms Lore but since she had resigned so now it being handle by Michelle. She's quite nice but still new to the hotel. Anyway you can liase with their F & B manager, Mr Shahrul Efendy - Asst. F&B Mgr (shahrul.efendy@eastin.com)or their Asst. Sales Manager, En Fariz Abdul Latif - ADOS (fariz.latif@eastin.com). Any email correspondence can cc to them for faster action.
  2. That's why la.. we always follow the elders but dunno the real reason. Our date cannot change cos we set it like one year already. She on the other hand just wanna get it done ASAP.
  3. Hi, Who should married first within the same year? The borther or the sister? Someone told me that the sister should marry first before her brother in the same year otherwise, it is not 'good' for the brother. How true is it and what is the 'not good' things? This is because I getting married first and less than a month later my sister gonna get married. I am more towards the chinese tradition and she will be going to be solemnize in a church with a simple tea ceremony just before the dinner. How?
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