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  1. Wish to hear from u soon, thanks a lot ya~ my email is warminee@gmail.com

    BTB - Jess :)

  2. Hi :) I saw ur post in Malaysia brides that you signed package with Victoria SS2 :) Im interested to get their package as well, but wish to collect more comments before i decide :)

    Will appreciate if you can share ur experiences dealing with them, and are you using Abbey as PG? If you dont mind, can send me ur package details and what are the freebies they gave? :)

  3. Hi, you will need to provide marriage certificate and all the medical record to them for registration. One of them not complete, then I think they will reject your registration.
  4. Male sperms (Y) are known to be smaller , weaker but lighter and faster. Female sperms (X) are bigger, stronger, but slower than male sperms. Once sperms are released, It is a race to see which one gets to the egg first. What Couples can do to determine the sex of their babies:- 1) Timing the intercourse during the montly cycle is the most important. Just after ovulation, chances are increased to have a baby boy, because Y sperms are faster and tend to get to the egg first. Having sex 2 / 3 days before ovulation increases the chance to conceive a girl, because the weaker Y sperms tend to die sooner and the X sperms will be available in greater quatity whenever the egg is released. 2)The pH of the womens's tract is also important. A more acidic enviraonment favours conception of grils, since it will kill the weaker Y sperms fist. On the otehr hand, a more alkaline environment favours boys. So unappropraite douching may cause harm and not improve conception. 3) Position of intercourse and depth of penetration may help, partly because of pH. The closer to the vagina, the more acidic the woman'a tract is. Also , deep penetration places the sperm closer to the egg, and gives the Y sperms a head start. So, a shallow penetration will favour conception of girls and a deeper penetration will favours conception of boys. Good luck! Add more tips here .....
  5. Thank you Janicely & Bao B! If you do this test in the 1st trimester, it will be slightly riskier. But 'touch wood' if anything happen, abortion can be done. If you do this test in the 2nd trimester ( week 16-20 ), lower risk because bb is stable. But 'touch wood' if anything happen, need to go through operation. Normally MTB will opt for this test if age 35 and above. But for your information , nowadays a lot of young couple also get DS bb. You need to discuss with your Gynae and your hubby as well. Please remember to get the clinic statistic as well for this test. Please think properly.
  6. Result out today. It is a healthy baby gal! : ) My wish to have a baby gal comes true. Thanks everyone!
  7. Next year is my first year giving out "Ang Pao" Decided to give RM 5 each after reading this, wanted to give RM10 actually. Will increase to RM10 next year. Giving RM20 for nieces and nephews. Furthermore, economy not so good, better save a bit. Spent a lot for wedding and need to save a bit for our bb next year.
  8. Tried palmer and the itch still continues and some small red dots like pimples appeared. One of my friend asked me to stop using palmer as she told me a lot of her friends used palmer before had bad experience like black stretch mark and the stretch mark still appears. (8 out of 10) She recommended me this pre-natal lotion "Happy Event' by mentholatum. After applying a few times, the red dots disappear and not so itchy anymore. This lotion slightly cheaper than palmer (famous and need to absorb their advertising fees as well) and good. But not all pharmacies will carry this lotion. I bought mine at Jaya Jusco. Now I apply palmer on my legs Don't want to waste it.
  9. I prefer girl. Girls are more caring and normally will take care of daddy & mummy in the later stage. If I am to have 2 children. First one to be gal and second one to be boy. So that the first one can take care of the brother and help out abit . Girl mature first.
  10. I am experiencing the same thing. Sneeze to hard pain. Move to fast also a bit pain at the lower right. Some sleeping position also can feel a bit not comfortable. I think we are a bit sensitive. Gynae said is ok as long as not pain in the womb area, centre.
  11. Hi all, Thank you all for the concern. Had gone thru the test and it is a relief now. My experience for anybody out there who might wanna consider amnio:- 1)Not painful at all but just uncomfortable and the risk of the miscariage is depend on the skill of gynae performing it and the mother's health. The process will take on a few minutes and it is like getting blood for blood test. The lenght of the needle is depend on the thickness of your tummy and fats. (not as long as i thought) Mine was about 10-12cm long only. After the test, just rest for an hour before going home at the clinic, if nothing happen, go home safe and sound and rest for 24 hours lying on bed . 2)Checked the statistic before going for the the amnio. My gynae is only 0.1% which is 1/1000. Please check with your gynae for statistic. 3)DS baby is a lifetime thing but amnio risk is 1/1000 or might be higher depend on gynae. If you have a DS baby, you can't go to work like normal and a lot more cost involving in raising the DS baby. (more expensive than the amnio test) A lot more patient as your MIL might not like you and blame you for it. The cost is worth investing to us rather than getting a DS baby. Inheritage DS baby is rare. So, not necessary if your relative don't have it means safe. DS baby due to unknown reasons are higher percentage. 4) You and your hubby relationship might sour. 5) All the scans, NT,FA,triple test is not so accurrate. The scans+blood test can missed the DS baby. 6) The amnio test is not as scary as what you read in the website . Trust me, I had gone thru the test. This DNA test and can even detect other genetic diseases and gender. Actually the thing we need to weigh here is not the cost involving. It is actually you and your hubby choice and not the gynae. So please do research and think carefully for both of you. In the end it is still the couple choice and whatever the result it is, no one at fault. We are lucky enough to have this new technology that enable us to detect DS baby. But I am sure not all will accept this. Now I am waiting for my results that will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks time. Praying hard that that my baby will be a very healthy baby.
  12. Aishiteru, I am actually a bit worried. But hubby insisted the amnio. My mum don't agree to it too. Hubby said he don't want to take risk at all. We have no DS relative either. Agree with you that nowadays, a lot of young parents have DS kid too. Will talk to the gynae again tomorrow.
  13. Pei Yee, 4 mths old and age 30 above but below 35. The doc said go for amnio directly since Triple test is not accurate. Might show a false +ve / - ve. So might as well don't waste the $ and go straight to amnio if wanna make sure 99.9%. Amnio miscarriage rate is only 1%. My collegues did it twice for her 2 son (age above 35) with the same gynae and so far nothing happen and she said it is not painful at all. Just the needle very long and feels like taking a jab.
  14. Juliana, Thank you for the info. Hrmm, Alice Chan. My mum also know a lady name Alice CHan, wondering is her (a quite fat lady, right)? According to my mum, she is a 'kaki judi' Luckily she get a replacement for you. Anyway, If your CL is good, do recommend to me. How much did you pay for your CL? Congrats to you !
  15. Thanks for the info. I think I am going straight for the amnio test (99.9%) and not the triple test (60% accuracy). Gynae advise to go straight to Amnio test and don't waste the time & $ doing the Triple test if decided. Hubby wanted to make sure nothing wrong with the baby. So, I got no choice, I don't want him to blame me if anything goes wrong. He doesn't want us to suffer whole life too if anything gone wrong. MTB out there, really a tough decision to make. Anymore advise?
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