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  1. I also using Spectra 3 now.did u use any pump b4 tis?? At the beginning i start using this pump also very less milk but i advice u better dun turn to high suction.As long as u feel not comfortable o pain u adjust to low suction.until now i still using the lowest suction.If u keep on use high suction ur nipple pain then u wont feel wan to pump longer and u also difficult to get "let down". Hope tis can help u.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a good baby sitter for my newborn baby in Kepong o Jalan Kuching area.Please Pm me o email me: k_cat79@yahoo.com Thanks a lot!
  3. k_cat

    Beaubelle product

    This is its website http://www.beaubelle.com.SWITZERLAND product
  4. Anyone using Beaubelle product??I just try its 24 Hours Hydro Matte Gel very good very moisture.
  5. My cousin sign up with GTC last year. The sales person who served her also Penny.she is so talkative and friendly when we sign up the package with her. Actually their got a lot of gowns to choice but mostly very old and out of fashion.(even my cousin sign up for VIP Package). when come to choose photo session,penny insist ask my cousin to upgrade her package from rm3188 to about 4k+.After consideration,my cousin decided to remain her package.from that second onwards,she never even smile at us.Her attitude 100% change. when we go to collect album they din prepare all the things before hand.we have to refer our bill and request from them for those items like free gift....At last we forgot to bring back the leather bag for album.After full payment everythings change. :( I wont introduce any fren sign package from this BS anymore. nicolle_wlw,just to remind u that everythings must in black and white try to negotiate with them that pay ur full payment when collecting album is more secure.But anywer ur package consider VVIP they must treat u in very good services.
  6. thanks arieloh. actually ur MUA siew siew o another MUA siew siew is the MUA for Charlie Young during her shoot for the movie "fu ji" with Aaron Kwok in IPOH. is it include hair do??
  7. My BS also kena complain.Hope it wont happen to me.
  8. Mickey Mouse, Its from direct sales avail beauty sdn bhd.I think this product save to use becasue it had 20 years patented. jaylow, The price will more expensive than others pad because it has natural herb and help to prevent female problem.there are 3 types pantiliner, day and night use. At the begining my fren intro to me i also suspect.After i use this pad i feel it's really help.since as female we should use pad so no harm using it. haha.
  9. Hi all, did u all heard FC Bio Sanitary Pad before??This sanitary pad specially formulated with natural herbs.It can helps to prevent many problem like menstrual pain,vaginal discharge,regulate menstrual cycle,itchiness and many more...haha.Because of that i started using it and feel it really can help me in menstrual pain and more comfortable compare to others pad.
  10. hi Ariel, Thank you for ur info.If siew siew how much she will charge??if she so famous she sure charge very high. scared cant effort. i agree with u dun go MUA of bridal shop in kampar.I heard that 2 bridal shop in kampar is the same boss.
  11. hi fluene, can i know JF Beauty Centre charge rm100 is touch up o totally a new makeup??i heard 1 of the BS in Kampar said evening touch up make up only charge rm100 mean the morning makeup we cant remove it. Ur sister done at kamawan, is it a beauty centre o...how much is it??
  12. Pinky, thank you for ur help. i did ask 1 shop at New Bandar Kampar there.They charge rm280 for morning and evening + eyelashes + ampulse.But i scared they dun have experience,they look very young.i really cant make decision.I agreed with ur suggestion that better go to the shop bec they got all the equipment there. Jetfynn, i think i went to this studio b4.The gal there quite friendly.if i stay at Hotel it will be more troublesome go to the studio.
  13. k_cat

    pipi's Pre-Wedding

    Hi, Can you share your photo with me too. Email: k_cat79@yahoo.com. Thank you
  14. k_cat

    June's Pre-Wedding

    Hi, Can you share your photo with me too. Email: k_cat79@yahoo.com. Thank you
  15. k_cat

    Nemo's Pre-Wedding

    Hi, Im new here. Can you share your photo with me too. Email: k_cat79@yahoo.com. Thank you
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