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  1. thank you friend , i will share my dress as soon as get it :) .
  2. many thanks for all of your help , finially , i still choose www.biggoldapple.com . they can copy the pictures of the dress i send , and custom made it for me . i'm looking for my dress coming now :) .
  3. hi, i have a white beaded chiffon and purple evening dress + hair + jewelry, let me know if u r interested

  4. my friend dammon will get married in Dec want to buy a wedding dress for his fiancee. but the problem is the price is too high to buy . he said , it is really too luxury to buy a dress nearly cost thousands dollars as a worker who just have one thousand dollars a month. his deal price is between 200-300usd , and has choose one online shop www.biggoldapple.com . but want to see more shops to compare the price . can anyone help ?
  5. i'm sorry for no news about our wedding , because we are busy with everything these days :) . we fund the place for our wedding , and most things are ready . now just the wedding need to order . does anyone know some site for the wedding dress ? i want to buy a fashion dress at cheap price in high quality , around 200-300usd , you know our money i limite :) .
  6. yah friend , we plan spend 7000usd for our wedding , we just want our wedding is significative . do you have any good idea ?
  7. I and my boy friend knew each other 5 years ago. We love each other very much . I really care about this relationship, and care about him , I want to marry him . we are going to get married next year . we want our wedding is deffierent from others : 1: the wedding place must have blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and blue waters. 2:the party must be natural relaxed, casual ,no burdensome etiquette. 3: can give each other’s friends an opportunity to make friends 4: i want everyone remember me in heart for ever . can anyone give me some ideas ? I will invite you to attend our wedding. There will be a red envelope to thank . Wedding date: 2012-10 - 17 Attendance: 76 (mainly friends of us) Wedding Budget: $ 7,000 (including 2 pieces of the bride’s dress , venue fees, food costs, transportation costs).
  8. i found a wedding dress from www.biggoldapple.com , this fishtail wedding dress is made of chiffon in black color , very beautiful and sexy , i like it very much . but dont know is it ok to wear a black wedding dress ?
  9. hey girls ! there are so many online wedding stores now , so we have more choice of the dress . but how and where can we choose the cheap and beautiful dress in high qality ? please have a look at : www.biggoldapple.com , they will give you a happy experience :) .
  10. i'm 172cm without shoes , and i will buy this dress from www.biggoldapple.com .
  11. i alway buy dresses frm this site : www.biggoldapple.com , the dresses on this site are in high quality and good workmanship , the price also reasonable . especially , their service is very good , think everything for the customer .
  12. in fact , i just copy other pictures and make some changes
  13. biggoldapple, 2012 cheap Wedding dresses, weeding gowns, events dresses, High heels, weeding shoes. www.biggoldapple.com
  14. friend , this dress is designed according to some pictures of the dress , i tell the seller the what details i want . is it this ok ?
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