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  1. Hi all,its been such a long time i did not login to mb and i just came across this FREE pre-wed photo and videoshoot. Just wanna share with you all!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YES! This is right, and your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. As part of our promo program to roll out our upcoming products on pre-wedding photography and cinematography packages, we are offering Malaysia Brides members, and also our facebook/blog followers this exclusive opportunity. The package is totaly FREE! This is gonna be a quick post up for a week... so don't miss it out! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO GET FOR FREE!! 1. PRE-WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT & CINEMATOGRAPHY MV (BY HANZFOTO FULL CREW) 2. SELECTION OF 30 POSES FOR TOUCH UP 3. ALL DIGITAL STILL PHOTOS RETURNED 4. DVD OF FEATURED CINEMATOGRAPHY MV 5. A DIGITAL CINEMATIC POSTER 6. MINI PRE-WED ALBUM WITH 30 POSES LOCATIONS AVAILABLE 1. REDANG ISLAND / LAGUNA REDANG HOTEL 2. KTM BERHAD / HERITAGE HOTEL 3. GENTING HIGHLANDS WHEN WILL THE SHOOT BE? SHOOT DATE : 12TH~20TH JUNE 2010 Selected couples will be notified and arrangements will be made. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO? Submit to us a short, simple and sweet personalize love story of yours; attached with a photo of you and your partner (JPEG 800x600 px). Send it in an email to : jay@hanzfoto.com and state your: 1. FULL NAME 2. MOBILE NUMBER 3. LOCATION OF CHOICE Closing date : 19thMAY2010 Announcement of selection : 21stMAY2010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For further enquiries, please drop us an email to : jian@hanzfoto.com
  2. Er.. take "h" like ah lian ah hua???? U looking for 60's or 70's wedding photo concept isit??? Or u trying to avoid such BS?? Ya.. so confusing :(
  3. Dear belbb, mind to share wit me.. my email is xinney@hotmail.com thanks in advance
  4. Tsukushi, the one next to Hainan Station.. on the same floor with Little Taiwan and Kim Gary, its at the most corner near the toilet. :)
  5. I've seen this before at Avenue K, KLCC.. i think they have medium and large size, the medium one IF i am not mistaken is RM3, while the large one is RM5. During my trip to Bali, i bought these flower candle too but it's small one. 1 packet contain of 10 flowers coz around IDR10,000 ~ RM3+ but very fragile lo (the small one, coz it's not very thick).. must handle with care.
  6. halo sweetcandy, Can share with me too.. my email is xinney@hotmail.com thanks in advance
  7. Hey Gene, Mind to share with me too.. my email is xinney@hotmail.com thanks in advance
  8. for those who order the BRTC samples above, just to inform you gals that i got a PM from the seller that there is some delay at the custom clearance. Hey MHYAP, It's ok.. take your time. ;)
  9. Halo, mind to share wit me too.. my email is xinney@hotmail.com thanks in advance!!
  10. Hi, can i view too.. my email is xinney@hotmail.com thanks in advance
  11. Hey MH Yap, can count me in too.. i am interested to join as well.. thanks !!
  12. Halo can share with me too.. my email is xinney@hotmail.com thanks in advance
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