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  1. I got mine a day before the actual wedding day too. The flower can last till the following day for my dinner after my actual wedding day. You read it right. My dinner and wedding day is on 2 separate day. But mine is just those common roses though..
  2. not sure how it suppose to rank. But in most wedding that i attended, the generally the ranking is as follows :- 1. parent 2. grandparent (I have always thought grandparent should be 1st but am wrong.. =P) 3. uncle & aunty (father's side) 4. uncle & aunty (mother side) 5. siblings 6. older cousins sister & brother
  3. hahaha... my friend have always recommended me to read the Shopaholic series. I've finally bought all the Shopaholic series that I can find at the BBW. there is 5 books and yes, it's going for only RM 8!!.
  4. Don't think there's cheap private hospital around the klang valley. As for government hospital, I heard Sungai Buloh hospital is quite good. Full facilities there and the facilities is quite new too... and most important is it's cheap!!! i heard less than rm 100.
  5. Nope. Not Vital Years. I send her to The English House in Subang Jaya. I send her there for the morning class. There's very few student. Less than 5 student so teacher can be attentive to every student there. I heard the evening class got more student. But the fee is very expensive there though!!! Probably cost more than what usually the kindy charged.
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    emailed you already.
  7. mhyap1

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    saw the link from your older post. interested on item 1, 2 & 4. for item no. 1, is the light, music, etc still in working condition?
  8. mhyap1

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    Hi Lynn, The link is not working. Can repost the link?
  9. I have started to send my gal to the 3 years old english class since she is 2.5 years old as she born in january and I do plan to enrol her 1 year earlier for standard 1. reason i send her to english class instead of kindy or nursery coz I take this simply as to "warm" her up before sending her to kindy next year since there is no home work for the english class and it's only 2 hour a day for the lesson. Taking this as an "exposure" for her to meet up with friends, etc. So far, she really love to attend the english class there. Every day she look forward for the class. :P
  10. I have 4 pcs of 5 days 4 night gift voucher to Beijing/ Tianjin worth RM 500 each up for sales. Am selling the voucher at RM 500 for 2 pcs of the voucher. The voucher is for GROUND ARRANGEMENT only which includes the following :- - 4 night hotel accomodation - airport/ hotel transfer - meals (4 x breakfast, 3 x lunch, 2 x dinner) - sightseeing and tour - voucher validity : 15th December 2011 - reservation must be made at least 45 days before departure date Note : - Voucher excludes visa and tipping. - You will have to purchase your own air ticket - Other terms and condition may apply. Interested please email me at mhyap1@yahoo.com
  11. @ Mabel, not all UK webby automatically deduct the VAT during checkout even though they are suppose to refunds it. I have come across a few that doesn't offer vat refunds. @ Simonne, i tried one of the hot milk nursing bra before. it looks nice but doesn't provide support as good as bravado.... :P
  12. i thought the tiny tapir here carries bravado bra? Yes, they do. But I personally find it's very expensive.
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