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  1. Dear, Your girl has been on car seat since newborn, yet now she start to dislike it after you change her to forward facing carseat? Hmm.. my girl 3 yrs old now and she still on her car seat. She seem to get the idea that is her designated seat and she will automatically climb up to her car seat & straped her herself up without much asking. We put her on carseat since newborn, no matter it is just a 5 minutes drive or long distance. If i am not the one driving, I will usually sit with her at the back, and keep her entertained with toys, books, foods, and also play some sing-along children songs.. Does your little girl get to sleep easily while traveling in car? Maybe you can plan your singapore trip & depart around your girl nap time.. at least you get some 2 hours 'relaxing & quiet' time during the trip
  2. hi, I am looking for experienced chinese/english babysitter at surrounding areas of Desa Parkcity, Sri Bintang and Bandar Menjalara Kepong. I need a babysitter which is available at around mid October / early November 2011, can provide a full day care for my new born baby and also a half day care in the afternoon for my 3 years old which is now attending kindergarden half day in the morning. Preferably able to speak both chinese and english, clean house environment, non-smoking & no pets, good home education culture, and no other young kids. Weekdays Monday-Friday 7am-7pm. Appreciate if anyone interested or anyone with contact to recommend, please email me at ss.suzette@yahoo.com. Thank you!
  3. Hi Veve, Thanks, already email to you
  4. Hi All.. Just to share, the Breastfeeding Class by Gina Yong is now at fee : RM 129 (refreshments provided, and a copy of "Got Breast Milk?" Book) Hubby, Mother or Mother-in-law can attend for free. If you cannot make it to the class, and also buy a copy of her "Got Breast Milk?" book at RM69.90 The best time to attend is between 5 - 7 months pregnant. You can check out the class schedule and make reservation with Gina via the contact form at the bottom of her website. http://www.lovebreastfeeding.com/breastfeeding-class.html ..am still considering if to attend.. as all classes only on saturday, no other days
  5. Hi Veve, Is this still available? TQ!
  6. Got it! Thanks dear.. see you on sunday!
  7. Dear Islandgal, Deal! I confirm all this 3 items at your best price RM140. Disposable Pigeon Breast Pads (36pcs New) & (Used left 24 pcs) New Mamypoko Diaper S72 Used Philips Avent: Express Bottle & Babyfood Warmer Would like to have COD at Kepong. Thank you!
  8. Can also this, if it is still available..? Used Philips Avent: Express Bottle & Babyfood Warmer - RM85
  9. Dear islandgal, Am interested with this 2 items, can you PM me on details & best price? Disposable Pigeon Breast Pads (36pcs New) & (Used left 24 pcs) - both selling together for RM25 New Mamypoko Diaper S72 - RM34 thanks!
  10. Hi, Not sure if this topic have been posted before.. I am looking for carpenter to do customized design wood work, like shoe cabinet, partition screen, doorway frame etc. Anyone know of good one and can share the contact as well as the charges? thanks Bobble
  11. Hi all.. sorry for not been visitng for a while, just delivered my baby girl in july & just past full moon :) PeiPei, we are also given Dr Tan Teong Yong, had only visited him once so far, can't say much yet... but i think his nurses are kind of 'cold'.. Polarsam, thanks for the contact & details, will checkout the clinic. It always good to know of a clinic nearby in case of emergency..
  12. Hi Celine, Thanks for info. Bangsar would be nearer than Sunway for me also. Mind to share a bit how is the charges for Pantai Medical? Thanks :) Bobble
  13. Hi Polarsam, Thanks for the the info. Good to know there is good doctor and clinic nearby. Can you PM me the clinic contact number? Do we have to see a pediatrician in the Hospital first for the few weeks or few months, before change to childcare clinic? I mean for like injections and checkup.. or clinic also provide this services? Thanks :) Bobble
  14. Hi Sherreen, I am staying in Kepong but am now attached to a gynae in Sunway Medical. I am just thinking should i continue to see a Pediatrician from Sunway Medical also after the baby is borned.. Also, thanks for sharing the info about Dr. Liew, will keep this info. :)
  15. Hi, Would like to ask around any recommendation of good Padeatrician / Children Doctor? It is generally recommended to visit one from the Hospital or private practised clinic is ok also? Appreciate you can share some of your experiences thanks :) Bobble
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