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  1. hey thats a terrific package ur offering. i'll surely consider it when m planning my honeymoon
  2. the best time to marry is when both of u are feel utmost sincerity towards each other and vow to spend ur lives together till the last breath. then let it be 2012 or 2013. just love each other to the hilt
  3. charging a fee for the wedding ceremony is usual. mean Church has its overhead costs for instance electricity. yeah one should negotiate with the church offcialdom to lessen the amount of rent charged. it depends from person to person
  4. LOL! may be because the gown should come as a surprise to both of ya. the wedding surprise!
  5. 1- Loving 2- Caring 3- Humble 4- Romantic
  6. thats a laudable job ur doing.....but i didnt get the whole idea of what ur tryin to consolidate actually!!
  7. i like all ov 'em. what is the average price ur charging for these wonderful dresses?
  8. i dont possibly agree with the notion of legalizing gambling..in my opinion, it is a great monetary enticement for the common man and he crosses all the limits and disturbs his or her social life to achieve what he has gambled for......
  9. best of luck for your wedding infinity! may u two ever live as a happy couple. my best wishes are with ya two
  10. to learn from someone else's bad experience is good than to jump in the situation urself and experience. we should share our experiences openly on this forum until n unless something is purely private
  11. i feel sorry for ur disappointment. but never mind u'll find a better place soon "Good Judgement comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgement" - Rita Mae Brown - Best of luck!
  12. yeah u should visit the Lovely Lace Store...it is a brand name in Malaysia for household items which was founded in 1993. go visit this store..u will really find a lot of variety!
  13. hey! i saw the cover photo of the beautiful couple. Cool! One day i too will want to be at the cover page with my husband.
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