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  1. The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady... Julie Andrews would be my fav actress because she's so classy and timeless! Wow, love Julie Andrews like A LOT...and yes classic of all times. My favorite comedy movie hands down for Bridesmaid. Action movie, Last Samurai Drama, The Help, My name is Khan, 3 idiots, all these are highly recommended movie. :D :thumbsu:
  2. Hi was doing research about Guam island. But i was wondering if anyone could send me some websites that i could compare deals with it. Or it would be great if anyone can just send me some informations or tips for traveling to Guam perhaps. Thank you very much :D
  3. Thank you so much for the info, totally agree with the mall thing, need unlimited parking access. It's just so important.
  4. HI, Thank you for all the respond, will PM you guys really soon for quotations. Thank you very much. I might wan to have a special theme for my weddings. Do you guys charge extra for having a theme? Thank you
  5. Hi, i'm new here, would be really appreciate if anyone could recommend some good photographers around KL areas for weddings. Contacts, emails, and quotations will be extremely helpful. Thank you very much
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