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  1. You can use the punch to make card, I used it for making the table lamp for the guest's tables.
  2. Mine was around RM2.50, a sandal wood fan and a mini cupcake for guests.
  3. Yeah .. I considered that as lucky and I'm the youngest too. All nieces and nephew already grown up and able to help in my wedding (actually they can't wait to marry this auntie away la! hahahahaha) hmm I don't see if there's any problem to get own sister to help. Guess what? is my sister 'brought' me to the guy side on my wedding day =P nothing's wrong ah and it was a happy occassion, can see the happy smile from my siblings, nieces, nephew and cousins too =) I'm blessed with so many people around me, and I only got a couple (friend) to help around and few colleagues too =) Just make everything simple and most important is a memorable one and please don't upset anyone on that day and please NO STUPID GAMES! gesss .. that's so humiliating >.< They find it fun, I see that very stupid and childish.
  4. I did almost everything by myself, except for few things that I left it to others to handle it for me. Like live band performance on that night, I left it to my brother and the music teacher to handle, they did a good job, from choosing the songs, rehearsal every week till my wedding night. My childhood montage was done by my colleague and she did a good job. Other than that was all by myself. My HB just be there to give some suggestions/ideas and helped around if he can and of course $$ is from his pocket. =P
  5. I don't really have jimuis but a friend came to help and I have my nieces and cousins too. So the morning was a good one and they only came ard 7am, and one of my nieces is the groom's driver and the nephew is his 'bodyguard' =P We don't really have some call jimui or hengdai game, just a simple game for HB to go thru, tat's all =) My nieces asked my HB to bite the biscuit into heart shape, hehehehe well, just to symbolize that his love to me. And please, I'm totally NOT OKIE with the stupid torturing game, why you wanna humiliate them infront of people? Is this fun? what if they humiliating you in front of people, do you find it fun? Frankly speaking, I found those games very humiliating and I definitely not going to put myself into this. Imagine I need to be 'tortured' that way, might as well I don't get married!!! And also, I hate to see people asking the couple kissing on stage .. aiks .. this is so old fashion and yet still have people doing this. I remember this year, I was the MC in one wedding and I make everything simple without any stupid games or any stupid kissing, I guess the guests are surprised to see that, there is no kissing game on stage. hahaahhahaha so what? I'm the MC, I control the function. XD
  6. huh? Pearls like tears? I wonder where she got the definition from. Anyway .. don't bother abt her and just go ahead with your choice.
  7. For the dress that you like with the good quality of fabric, it is roughly RM450 to RM600 unless you go for thin satin then will be cheaper.
  8. Never heard of that, you should ask your aunt, what's the reason?
  9. Yes you can, I bought one for my wedding, wore it for pre-wedding shot and also for dinner.
  10. Never heard of must do on both side, see the conflict here? For my mum, it is only for the girl side and not for both.
  11. oh yeah! hahaha almost every receiption I can see they are using Kitaro song for the 'opening' and we are so hungry but then still need to wait for them to finish the performance @.@
  12. hahaha too bad, I never like it =P and to be is out of style liau =P please don't feel offended as I said I never like it, I know some brides do like it =) if wanna go for the song, if the restaurant/hotel not provide any, you can go with your own, chose the one that you like. But I know mostly they will provide, check with them, what song/music they are going to use, if you don't like it, see if you can use your own. Some using kitaro music.
  13. ahhh still 'heng' with this ah!? I exclude this in my wedding receiption, I told them is alright, no nid food presentation, guests are too hungry to wait for them to 'dance' liau la XD
  14. Yeah! those sales are good in persuading the potential customers to sign up their package. =) My colleague who signed up the package, flew to Taiwan for her wedding shoot, very nice! pretty and she bought the gown from the bridal shop too. She told me, she spent RM20k for the package, excluding air fare and accommodation .. was like @.@!!!!! but luckily their service is good.
  15. Her milk intake isn't a lot but she still rejecting food .. hmmm .. maybe this is just for a temporary period. yeah I know .. but I did it once a while when my girl very picky on food, I told her, okie, no porridge, no milk and nothing, drink water ya! then next meal she will guai guai finish her porridge cos she is hungry =P hahahahaha Yes, some need another accompany for the meal time. When she saw people enjoying the meal so much, she will join in too.
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