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  1. Lil' C added a post in a topic C-sect,   

    nckeat..very informative explanation n guidance u provided to those who considering or had c-sec ladies like myself.

    i had my ovarian cyst ops 3 yrs back in ipoh and doc infrmd me that i had some complication ie adhesion & my fertility may be affected..if i understood him correctly.

    i attempted for vaginal delivery as encouraged by doc last May but my cervix failed to dilate & i was very much in distress n pain..ended up with c-sec. this round, the doc who is different frm d previous 1 also infrmd me that i had adhesion during the c-sec procedure and my uterus is very narrow n small? i may hv to go for c-sec most likely shld i go for my 2nd baby...shld i wanna conceive, he said i can try to conceive to give birth in year 2011. nevertheless, he still encourages me to try natural birth again rather than c-sec if possible..
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  2. Lil' C added a post in a topic Baby Jaylene   

    Wow!!! She has really chubby cheeks Bunnywife! So chubi!! I bet every1 who sees her also feel so 'geram'! Hehe! Congrats again!
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  3. Lil' C added a post in a topic My New born Baby-- Jayden Tan Yi Zhe   

    Jayden has my vote for his last pic captured too! Heartiest congrats & welcome to motherhood sillydevilmc!
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  4. Lil' C added a post in a topic Lil C's BB Girl~Iris Ho~   

    zeroflower..seriously I've no idea how on earth she managed to pose like that moment she arrived. It was snapped by the nurse on duty and gave us the hard copy oni...we were all astonished when we saw d photos too! knw how to wink her eye summore leh! hehe!

    strawbeley..10q 4 ur congratulatory wish & compliments for my BB Iris. u hv a safe & smooth pregnancy. will wait for ur bb's photos to be shared here too when ur bb arrives yeah!
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  5. Lil' C added a post in a topic Sharing our official wedding website!!   

    Me too pls!
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  6. Lil' C added a post in a topic Dowry and other stuffs   

    My time there was no roasted pig & the red cloth at all coz it seems the culture here in Bkt Mertajam, they dun give 1...but lucky my parents are ok with that or else i dunno if thr'll be a big hoo haa or not! anyway other stuffs are all intact as much as possible.
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  7. Lil' C added a post in a topic Small Pimples on my bb face worries on those white dots on their faces..ive double triple checked with paed, govt nurses, my gynae & every1 else that i come across about it! all of them say its perfectly normal n will go off eventually naturally. i was kinda concerned too when i first hv close contact with my baby back in hospital seeing so many white spots on her face, necks & shoulders! nurses assured me that thr's nothing wrong & as what advised by other mummies here, dun ever try squeeze it off!

    now @ 23 days old, those "white pimples" has gradually disappear from my sight! hehe! now bb Iris more "bak suit suit, wat luit luit"! m sure same goes to ur bb...
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  8. Lil' C added a post in a topic Laparoscopy   

    I had mine back in March 07 to remove my ovarian cyst as well. Did it @ Nagara, Teoh & Adlan in Ipoh Specialist Hospital. Op done by Dr Teoh...Total feel was RM6k++ including pre & post check ups
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  9. Lil' C added a post in a topic Positive Parenting Seminar (May 23, 2009)   

    hi hsieng loong,

    ive sent u my info to ur mailbox indicated above on 18th may for the seminar on 6 june in gurney hotel penang. aint sure if u recv it or not? and how do i confirm if my registration is finalised?
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  10. Lil' C added a post in a topic My Little Princess   

    august8 : it seems my mum in law intend to have her eyelash trimmed a bit. same goes to the hair. she says very sayang to shave her hair bald wor! and furthermore, my BIL is getting married on 4 she wants Iris to keep her hair.

    zeroflower : my CL oso told me about eyebrow shaving...haizz..i oso not "sum dai sum sai" dunno wot to decide, yes or no about hair & eyebrow shaving and trimming her eyelash? headache! if really dun shave, will those baby hair really falls n doesnt grows nice? i really wonder!

    ann : past is past...dun 'sum toong' over it for not keeping d hair. at least u've gone tru d experience of shaving her hair n eyebrow. btw, with all these shaved, will babies look weird? i mean it'll be so bald n naked! hehe!
    btw, cheryl's really a cutie pie! the last photo with her hands in her mouth is irresistable too! so choobbi!!!
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  11. Lil' C added a post in a topic My Little Princess   

    Ann..I know it's kinda out of topic here but can I check with you if U shaved Cheryl's hair & cut a lil' of her eyelash on her fullmoon? If shave hair I guess I'm ok with that but to cut a lil' of d eyelash..sounds & seems to be scary n dangerous!

    According to my mum in law n some other aunties as usual..if cut eyelash it will grows long & curl! Is that true? Any idea?

    And if we don't do the above such as hair shaving, any effect?? I'm really curious n still contemplating as to shave her hair or not? Some suggest to trim a bit then put in red pockets..
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  12. Lil' C added a post in a topic My Little Princess   

    Gosh! Cheryl's a smiling baby...Love all her smiles!! I'm sure u r 1 proud mummy!
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  13. Lil' C added a post in a topic Photoshoot for babies   

    I had my pregnancy photoshoot during my 9mth and will go for my bb photoshooting end of this mth after her fullmoon. will then combine both photoshoots photos into an album..package is RM688. taken in DeEgg Studio @ Bkt Mertajam town itself.
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  14. Lil' C added a post in a topic All about breastfeeding   

    meiteoh,janicelly & sywiser,
    10q for ur valuable advises..i'm still trying though despite the many failures..i even cried a few times coz i fail to direct BF! yesterday was another failure day to me & i called to my girlfren who BF to talk it out! Feel much better but the CL caught me crying when she came into my room! Asked me what happened and told me that crying during confinement is bad for my eyes..can go blind.

    i oso feel pressure a bit whenever my MIL comments that my bb doesnt like my nipple! guess what? my MIL n CL will be standing thr beside me watching me BF despite me telling them it's ok, i shall take over frm here but they will still remain thr! make me feel kinda awkward..haizz! the moment she cried out loud with red face, they will take her away frm me saying that better feed via bottle..if she cries for too long, will masuk angin..

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  15. Lil' C added a post in a topic All about breastfeeding   

    I'm 1 good example that is unable to direct BF my girl..she jz refuses to latch on from day 1 I tried BF but cried so loudly with her whole small tiny face all red whenever I attempt to direct BF her! Keep telling myself it's ok, I'll try again but the same things repeat everyday, everytime! Haizzz..I oso dunno wot to do with her d to make her latch on!

    Now all I can do is to pump out in2 milk bottles for the CL to feed her. There, she seems to be enjoying her milk quietly & able to finish all the 3oz each feeding. As u all mentioned above, I pump out to ensure sufficient BM to last for the whole nite through. I could only store up to 5-6oz max each pumping exercise. Waking up frequently in d middle of the nites isnt an ez job seriously..worse than working OT! Haha! Anyway, it's all worth it at d end of d day..right Mummies?
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