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  1. ashley_woo added a post in a topic ~** Kellysiew's Lovely Twins **~   

    Can't help but need to say, they're so cute!!! Congrats Kelly.
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  2. ashley_woo added a post in a topic Month of the Hungry Ghosts   

    Sorry to have you confused, that "what a joke" was not meant for you, it was meant for that photo. I'm more interested in the photo than any of the other you've written. You don't have to keep on emphasizing that you're a non-believer.

    Hmm.... When someone does too much of that I-don't-believe ritual, I wonder what more interests could it get......
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  3. ashley_woo added a post in a topic Month of the Hungry Ghosts   

    What a joke!!!!!!!!
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  4. ashley_woo added a post in a topic Missing Person   

    No problem Fluene, just helping.

    Any news on her???
    Just pray that she'll come home safely.
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  5. ashley_woo added a topic in News and Articles   

    Missing Person
    Dear all,

    I am posting this thread on behalf of Fluene, one of our members here. Please help to spread the words and if you have any news, please do contact Fluene. Thank you thank you.

    This is about my brother in law's sister.

    She went missing in Gopeng, Perak on the way home from work last Friday (3 July 2009). Her home is in Kampar, Perak while her working place is in Gopeng. Normally she will follow a colleague's car to and fro work. Last Fri, her colleague was absent from work and after office hours, she hitch hiked a car back to Kampar. In the car, she phoned her husband informing him that she is on the way back already and that she is in a car driven by a man and his friends. All the men are unknown to her. At night, failing to see his wife, the husband called her handphone and failed to reach her. She has been missing ever since.

    Report of her missing has been made and it is also published in newspaper.

    Name: Loh Sook Fon
    Female age: 38
    Missing place: Gopeng, Perak
    Missing date: Friday 3.7.09
    Body figure - Medium

    Appreciate if anyone who has seen her whereabout to contact the police or contact me by my e-mail (

    Thank you very much
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  6. ashley_woo added a post in a topic Books you currently reading   

    Aiyoooo.... seeing all of you so hard-working reading all the books... i haven't even finished The Predator which I started like, half a year ago!!!!

    Must pick up the reading again......
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  7. ashley_woo added a post in a topic Personal Content has been deleted   

    Totally agreed with meiteoh and Railway. When we signed up, we accepted the terms & conditions. After signed up, only make noise about the unfair treatment. Well, this only happens to those who didn't even bother to read the T&C. So, who's to blame? Go figure.

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  8. ashley_woo added a post in a topic Can i spill out here?   

    I think others have said enough before.

    I didn't want to have a karaoke session too in my wedding dinners, Johor and Terengganu.
    In Johor, I managed to convince my mom because the main point is, the restaurant we booked gave us a small space since I only had 10 tables. Therefore, no karaoke provided for that little space. And I told my mom I wouldn't want to spend extra on the karaoke thingy and she agreed.

    In Terengganu, I did not want the karaoke thingy as well, both hubby and I agreed and talked to his parents. But at the end, MIL went on to hire someone to sing for the night with all the karaoke equipment, without us knowing it. We only came to know about it 3 weeks before our wedding. She said it wouldn't be like a wedding dinner without karaoke. What could I do? Argue and fight till the end? No. I chose to keep quiet and accept it. Since it was her money and she wanted it despite us telling her not to spend extra. So, I had a "kampung" singer who sang for the whole night and some relatives and friends which I do not know, singing the night off as well.

    Netty, I was the same as u, only like 5% of the Terengganu guests which I know of. So, don't worry so much. Things will work out. ;)

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  9. ashley_woo added a post in a topic Types of photographers in the market.   

    I have seen a PG who claimed himself having more than 20 years of experience and is a PRO PG with his own studio, yet his recent works are still the same as his works 20 years ago.... :wacko3:
    This PG seriously thinks that his skill is "good" enough and he stopped improving since 20 years ago. But well, he is still claiming himself the PRO and charging skyhigh.

    I have some friends saw the same thing and commented the same thing. Personal preferences or unanimous opinion? But there are still couples engaged this PG for their weddings. Again, personal preference prevails!
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  10. ashley_woo added a post in a topic Types of photographers in the market.   

    I seriously do not agree with the above differentiation and charting according to the number of weddings the PG engaged in and their pricing.

    I have seen quite a number of PGs that can provide their good years of experience yet they failed to capture the best moments of weddings.

    And I have also seen young PGs that do not have more than 3 years experience yet they are much much better than some so-called PRO PG.

    About the pricing, it has nothing to do with the experience as well as I found out along the way I looked for a PG. Let's put other factors aside. Some Pro PG had quoted me at a reasonable price, which is below RM2k for a day. While I have some newbies or not-so-pro PG quoted me RM2.5k and above.

    Sometimes it very much depends on the couples themselves. If a couple thinks that PG is worth the money and able to delive quality, they are willing to pay eventhough that PG could be classified as junior freelancer. And sometimes, paying more doesn't mean you can get good quality. Again, it all boils down to the preferences of each and every individual.

    What I normally tell my friends, go with your instinct and pocket. If you like his works and you can afford it, go ahead.

    I think we can't really classify the photographers in the market. Each of them has their own style and skill. We just can't group them with such generalities.


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  11. ashley_woo added a post in a topic System maintenance   

    Thank you Marcus for the speedy action so that we can enjoy the fun of SB again!!! Few days became 1 day! *thumbs up*

    Arigato Gozaimashita!!! Terima kasih banyak2!!! Fei Chang Xie Xie Ni!!!
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  12. ashley_woo added a post in a topic System maintenance   

    Ngor hai li dou.... ngor dou hou sien ahhhh...... :(

    Tai hao... this thread slow lah... everytime i click add reply, sure wait long time only can see this reply box...... aiyooooo......

    Ngor yiu SB fan lei... SB fan lei... SB fan lei... SB fan lei... SB fan lei... SB fan lei... SB fan lei...
    SB!!!! LEI FAI DIT FAN LEI!!!!!!
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  13. ashley_woo added a post in a topic System maintenance   

    LOL Elaine... hahahahahah Temporary SB... kakakakakkaka.......

    Now we all suddenly so active in the thread... muahahahhahhahah
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  14. ashley_woo added a post in a topic System maintenance   

    Tai hao... i still got a lot of "hau sui".... muahahahha...

    Jan hai hou sien... Ngor jau lei mun dou chao gan jor......
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  15. ashley_woo added a post in a topic System maintenance   


    I WANT SB!!!!!

    Tai hao!!!!! *lam lam sek sek*
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