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  1. www.bwstudio.com.my We have more the 9 years’ experience in this industry.Our ultimate goal is to create a movie that not only tells a story, but also becomes a tangible reminder of the feelings and chemistry shared between a bride and groom.True wedding day Cinematography is all about capturing life the way your heart sees it. When you shoot from your heart, your work will always be your own; something no one else can copy. Capture the inner beauty of people by focusing on the little things that attract me to them. We prefer to shoot with all natural light when possible because it preserves the natural dimension and contrast in a scene. We constantly look for angles that include people in the background who are watching the subject with emotion on their faces. The right backgrounds can dramatically increase the power of a scene.
  2. bwstudio

    Black & White Studio

    True wedding day Cinematography and Photography is all about capturing life the way your heart sees it.
  3. Website : http://www.bwstudio.com.my/ Facebook likepage : http://www.facebook.com/bwstudio.com.my Please contact us for further information. ( Eddie 016-4916028 ) https://vimeo.com/47511134 https://vimeo.com/48275941 https://vimeo.com/42545733
  4. Website : http://bwstudio.com.my/ Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/bwstudio.com.my Email : admin@bwstudio.com.my Tel (Mobile) : 016-4916028 Price start from RM1800-RM3800
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