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  1. colour: ivory brand: vincci+ condition: 9.5 / 10 worn: only once comes with: original box quality: very good, vincci+ has much better quality than vincci UK size: 3 US women size: 5 1/2 French size: 35 1/2 selling price: RM50 original price: RM179 discount: 72% off ~~~~~~~~~~ Vincci+ was birthed from the singular desire to take our shoe making up several notches. What if we had Vincci’s fashion forward drive but infused with a luxury mindset in terms of materials, finishing and craftsmanship? The answer is Vincci+. Take everything beloved about Vincci and then plus that little bit more, the extra mile – higher quality leather, more refined diamante and stones, softer satins, prettier laces or sturdier woods. Pieces are limited and the designs are more sophisticated and avant garde. There is more attention to detail as well as a higher level of skill. It is the plus factor – expect more.
  2. RM780 -> RM380 for Coco Lee's Vera Wang inspired design This wedding gown is inspired by Coco Lee's Vera Wang wedding gown. The fashionable mermaid cut with flared hem is very flattering to any figure, shape and complexion. It also allows you to move around with grace and comfort. Only worn once for actual day morning ceremony indoor, never worn for outdoor photoshoot, condition is as good as new. Price & package Bought at RM780. Letting go at RM380. Inclusive of: - Gown - Matching almost-new veil (only worn once) made of tulle and ribbon - Organza shoulder jacket (if buyer wants it) - White platform shoes (if buyer wants it) - to relax your feet yet still stand tall, when not shooting your wedding shoes, to complement (not to replace) your stylish wedding shoes Measurements The gown can be altered plus minus 5" to fit. Specific measurements: Bust: 32-38" Waist: 24-30" Hip: 34-40+" Height: 150-168cm The gown has about 2.5" on each side for alteration to fit to body nicely, total of 5" buffer. The gown has also extra 3.5" length at the bottom of the hem, can be altered to fit taller bride. Design details Design: strapless mermaid cut with flared hem Body (upper) material: 2 layers duchess satin layered with organza Hem (lower) material: 1 layer duchess satin layered with 3 layers tulle Colour: off white Embroidery used as ornaments. Inner details - stretchable band with buckle to hold gown in place and tight to body - zip and tiny metal hook - flexible position bra cups - 2 soft invisible wires in front to maintain perfect body shape Contact me for more photos if you are interested to buy.
  3. Nice gown. It all depends on your venue, and groom's outfit. Check out the venue, whether it is spacious enough to let your gown shine. Some places are kind of cramp, you'll have difficulty moving in a ball gown. If you're having a private ROM ceremony, then it should be fine. Make sure your husband is willing to dress up matchingly. Most ROM's are in daytime, and some semi-outdoor, the groom might not fancy a jacket / suit.
  4. Awesome dress. IMHO, you can wear whatever you like, since it's your wedding and you're the bride. But conventionally full black is still worn to funerals in western culture. So maybe you want to get a black-themed gown, which is maybe 60-80% black, and intermix with another colour, ie: not 100% black.
  5. Totally agree with roseisrose. I came to the same conclusion after doing my own survey. There are 'all rounded' photographers who are good in both, but they are super expensive, and price surged up like double or triple in the past 3 years, working class people can hardly afford them anymore. For AD, some of the more affordable photographers who still do a good job that i know: - wingphotoz creative studio - two of us bridal gallery You can check out their facebook pages.
  6. yes, it's a sign! guys don't bother about 'dream weddings' or 'wedding ideas', unless they're going to have one.
  7. For your JB session, if you're loooking for videographer, you can consider http://blog.filming-art.com/ PJ has a lot of photographers and videographers, the good ones are really expensive, so it depends on your budget.
  8. Hi Peak Wei, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Have fun in your preparation ;-) The pg & vg that I know are from various places, penang, kl, melaka etc, my advice is to engage someone from Ipoh, so that you spend all your 3k budget on their service, not a few hundreds on outstation transportation charges. I have the following items to sell, only 1 set each: - bridal car decoration, includes front - flowers & bears, back - flowers, door handle - flowers - pair of red wedding lamp in modern design - wedding gown, organza + satin + tulle, ivory colour, mermaid cut, design a little similar to Coco Lee's evening gown Let me know if you're interested, then I'll email you the photos for all items
  9. Avilion @ Port Dickson Pangkor Laut Resort Majestic @ Melaka Cameron Highlands Resort YTL @ Cameron
  10. Asyncarre

    Reception in Melaka

    Traffic is heavy around Melaka Raya. An alternative location is Philea near Ayer Keroh toll. But I have not attended any wedding there, so can't comment on food & service.
  11. I have the number of some homestay, but if you're looking for a place for the event, then I'm not sure what your requirements are.
  12. A few places to consider: Jonker street, pick one of those cafe, eg: Cilanthe (for your nyonya / traditional outfit) Merlimau beach (can wear anything, from the grand gown to sexy dress, or even your bikini if you like) River walk (night scene) Lalang / bush scene (back to nature feel)
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