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  1. not quite recently ... but had our wedding there back in 2013. yups it was beautiful and casual at the same time. however, definitely not for the faint-hearted (as long as u cover the air-conditioning / ventilation properly)! otherwise u could consider another venue just next door, Secret Garden. Great menu and better view too.
  2. not much issue other than maybe family members gets worn out from 2 weddings ... unless ur doing everything on ur own
  3. Dear all BTBs Preloved BARGAIN here! 1 x Preloved custom made full lace wedding dress made by White & Lacy @ RM1.1k (condition: 9.5/10) Details as follow: Materials: lace (outer layer), Colours: off-white Size: 35"-28"-37" (approximate measure and absolutely adjustable) Height: 5 ft 4" Neckline: boat neck Waistline: natural Silhoutte: half-sheath Sleeve: cap-sleeve Train: mid-length Special feature: peach / orange satin tie-back bow Bundles together with: 1 x tulle veil 1 x Preloved wedding shoes (bought at RM90, but have personalised customised), condition: 7.5/10, requires cleaning 1 x red cloth (to hang front door), condition: 9/10 36 x beautiful light pink ang pows, condition: not used Reason to let go: Make more space for our new home =) COD at Bandar Utama (nearby one-utama shopping complex). Trying is allowed. I have also listed it on my facebook page so you could check out the pictures and PM me on FB in the link below. https://www.facebook.com/TheRueCardEngineer/posts/1375576962457407 Please feel free to email me rue.27april2013@gmail.com or sue.jst.chang@gmail.com or whatsapp 017-3325174 (Sue) if you are interested. Please PM me or email rue.27april2013@gmail.com if interested. thanks.
  4. 50k sounds reasonable for a budget wedding in KL/PJ area ... some wedding budgeting here, u could have a look as reference =)
  5. hi there wedding deco is anything from 2k - 6k in current market price. i have worked out some wedding budget here (in fact super budget with super careful planning) ... best if u could DIY some urself and the rest leave it to the wedding decoractor to keep the cost low ...
  6. hi there, i was a DIY bride too and have some props which u could rent saved up quite alot when i got florist to do some and the rest taken care by myself a few DIY stuff here ... u could actually buy those coloured lanterns yourself to deco ur wedding =) if u need ideas, check out my blog here. cheers and happy planning! http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5275-registration-table-deco/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5264-table-deco-at-passion-road/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5267-church-wedding-setup-smcc/
  7. try Desa Park city ... beautiful scenery. we had ours there =) i have more shots on my blog, u could check it out here =)
  8. I dont think Huck Seng caters for a wedding due to the no of guests involved since he cooks every dish himself (according to my sis' mum in law), unless your planning a really small ROM ... like 25 - 30 pax?
  9. yup agreed to bankers club and tropicana too! if ur budget allows there is a new wedding venue in kl, it's called the secret garden lifestyle which especially caters for small wedding with very beautiful decor. price starts from rm120.
  10. Hi gals Some pics of our wedding cakes to share done by Vanilla Cakes & Such Anyone who loves wedding cakes or had beautiful wedding cakes please share too! =)
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