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  1. Hi all, I just realise many of you have drop me msg to share my AD photos. I am still in the mist of finalizing my album and photos at the moment. it has been taking a long long time as i am liasing with my pg in KL from singapore.. ding dong here and there. I hope to get them soon. and i will then load them up and keep you all posted! but if any of you are concern about the deco. I can tell you that Victorian ballroom's deco is not bad at all. the beautiful ballroom has alot to compliment itself. but if you are a perfectionist. do check on the tiniest detail and tell them exactly what you want because for my case, they promised me WHITE candles and on that day it turned out to be RED. and i ONLY realised it then after the whole function! well i am a little prefectionist here. so if only i knew it i would made them change it all to white as the have promised. ok stay tuned. will let you girls know!
  2. hi jen, yup, remind me to pm u in a couple of weeks time! hope yours will go well too =)
  3. Hi all, (ok this is gonna be long....) I just had my wedding 2 weeks ago at HVS, Victorian ballroom. and here is what i have to share. I would have to praise the banquet team for doing a great job for my reception. I have very good feedback about their services to all my guests. Requests were fulfilled very promptly and they have handle the entire event well. all things that were requested, whether is it to change or to add or to remove stuffs, it was done promtply. the food quality was okay as well. so two thumbs up for them! =) However I had a very bad experience with the front office. I have reserved 12 rooms, before hand, for my guest from overseas. and on that day itself, after giving me 8 rooms they decided that they will not release the remaining rooms until i put in my credit card guarantee for taking so many rooms. note that this instruction was not given to me before hand at all. My guests had arrived by 3 pm but all of them had to squeeze into 1 suite as the 8 rooms was not ready even until 4pm. Needless to say, short of rooms and available rooms not ready (2pm is check in time but the rooms were still NOT READY at 3PM), made everything run late! only by 6pm they gave us the remaining rooms and that is after we insisted on the rooms with no CC guarantee and told them that we would check out late tomorrow f they do not release the remaining rooms NOW. Fine with that. but guess what? the key to some rooms was WRONG. Guests got rooms but can't go in. by then they can't wait anymore. so just change and headed to the reception. So rooms keys were not settle until end of reception until after the banquet ppl helped to sort it out. Next problem incurred after my guests were in the room and some found that there were no towels. so they called the housekeeping for towels and the reply they got was house keeping is close and theres no more clean towels. my guest insisted on the towels and when after 20 minutes no towels were sent to the rooms, they called again and the housekeeping department rudely said 'we told you no more clean towels'. my guest explained to them that their rooms was held late and now you were telling that theres no clean towels in a 5 star hotel???? they finally had to call the front office to speak to the manager to get towels. whole process took at least 1 hour to get 1 freaking towel. (another room took 2 hours) How ridiculous is that? and they have the guts to knock at 7 am the next morning to send towels. For what??? I am so pissed of with the front office and housekeeping (that have been seen lazing around the lifts with trolleys of clean towels), that even the next morning when i voice out all these to the person who claimed to be the manager, makes me feel like theres no point telling on them as there won't have any compensation or actions that they are going to take anyway. I thought front office should be your first impression?? no?? i don't know which department i can write to. Anyone know CEO of HVS? i would write and email to him/her!!! so for those who are going to have guest that is going to stay there. just take note of the service from the front office as checking in late could just ruin everything and the moods of your guests!! Other than that, I loved the ballroom and the whole banquet itself! thank you for reading and your patience! hee....
  4. Beetlenl, She seems to be always busy. I called one week ago and she was busy so like what you did i left a msg to have her call me back. guess what? she never return my call at all. i am back in singapore now and i had to call her again. well, i guess i can still bear with her at the moment cause she did sent me the location map today. I have not make my second down payment. i guess i have too do so soon. Thank you for the updates! ;)
  5. yes beetlenl, i have booked my reception there. =) and u've got pm! )
  6. Thanks beetlenl. I am starting to think that they are getting very inefficient. Same as you i am also looking for location map for my invite cards. I will call them myself in that case. Thanks again =)
  7. Hi all, Anyone has experience with HVS whether few months prior to your wedding day, that the sales person will call you up for your food tasting and discuss the details, or you will have to call them up urself? I have read some feed back here regarding the sales manager, and i am just wondering if she is going to play the active one or she needs to be nudge? any experience to share? thanks!
  8. Hi all, thank you niq for sharing your experience with us. I myself was not very happy with the service. I was actually comfortable with Virginia's service at the begining. After Virginia informed me that she is no long with HV, I contacted Devaki via email and i see no respond from her at all. I resent my email twice and there is still no respond. I ended up calling her myself from sg and she told me that she has not check her email. How is it possible that, as a sales person, you have not check your email for TWO weeks? I do understand that during this period is a peak for weddings but how about dropping a short note that you have noted the email and come back to me later? won't take you like 2 minutes and not a very difficult customer service right? Anyway, point noted that for us who have booked HV should have them noted out everything to the very detail in black and white with a copy for self keep, copy for sales person and a copy for banquet manager. also request to meet up with the banquet manages to run thru all the itinerary. hopefully they manage to hire another sales person to help out SOON! =P
  9. hello everyone, Anyone has any pictures or reference on how HVS's decoration look like? good? ie: pedestal.stage.arch.centerpiece. hmmm?
  10. I do agree with Mushi! Have to say that the food from Li yen restaurant, which will be serve for the banquet is soooooooooo yummy. I love their service too. prompt and keen but not pushy! The ballroom was okay, except for the columns in the middle, but if you have less that 20 tables, they can arrange it in the manner that all tables are within the boundaries of the two columns. I was tempted but it was way out of my budget, so i did not go for them. However, I will still recommend them to anyone who is interested ( with budget, of course! not cheap ok! )
  11. Dear Mickey, May you have a blissfull marriage from now till ever. Congratulations! well, keep on smiling! thats a good thing! =)
  12. Hi Catherine, It has been a while ago. Thank you for your attention and clarification regarding the matter. Really apprecieate it =) *peace*
  13. Thanks Lynn for sharing your experience and after wedding thoughts! It certainly helped brides-to-be to re-think about the extra $$$ they wanna throw in to make' guest remember ur wedding.. which they will not... Thanks again!
  14. Today, i made a trip down town to look at a few hotels that i have short listed. I want to comment on one particularly poor service which i receive, namely Parkroyal. When i arrive, i headed to the to the reception and asked for the sales person whom i have get a quotion and already MADE and appointment with, we have also made final confirmed the appointment on Thursday, two days ago, via email. (as i am working in Singapore, and came back to KL for easter break.) So the receptionist called for the sales girl and after like 5 min of waiting the receptionist asked me to the phone. On the phone, i do not even know who the hell i was talking as she did not even introduce herself. She asked for my name and i told her. then she asked id i did schedule for appointment, i said yes. then she asked when is my wedding date, I told her. then she asked how many pax you are looking at, and i told her. those were all given to her on phone when i was in Singapore and even written on the quotation that she actually had emailed me when i was still in Singapore. Ok fine after all that disappointing phone call, that made it seemed like its the first time she is getting my contact and hearing about me as a client cause i have spoken to her a few times on phone and double confirmed things via email. 5 min later she came down empty handed as i was expecting her quotation print outs and some other stuffs which usually the other hotels will hand out to their client if you do meet up with them). She did not even made ad short intro, greet or say hello, as my mom and aunt is also with me. first thing she said 'ok you can follor me to see the function room which is in use now and i am not sure if you can view'. and she walk like 100 miles an hour infront of me leaving my mom and aunt and me behind tailing like some idiots. She then let us peek thru a little slit thru the ballroom's door. and that's it! The entire appointment is just like that! then she said sorry but i am now very busy with the easter party and i am resigning in 2 weeks time, so if you need any other help pls look for so and so whom will take over me. so you are going to resign. that is fine. but is that they way you treat ur client? and why did you not bring ur colleague whom is going to take over along or direct or even hand me over to her in a more professional way. Maybe Parkroyal did not treat you well but CLIENTS , esp potential clients should not be treated this way. and if you want to leave a company, you should always do ur best and hand over ur things the best you could to leave a better impression of YOURSELF. Although i have heard a little no-so-good things about Parkroyal KL, but I wanted to give them a chance as i have stayed in their Penang branch which i had a pleasant stay and service. now looks like this one in KL is totally a crap place to go. See how important a sales person can be? just a little experience that i wanna share here.
  15. lol thank you Skinny girl! yeah, my wedding is in KL pm you already! hear from ya!
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