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  1. I heard about the Missha, I'm trying to find a BB cream to use. That seems the Skin 79 is more well known or more better than Missha?
  2. hey, recently I'm using a USA new brand of eye mask, VII O2M Oxygen Eye Mask. that is works for me! I suggest you to have a try for it, I also have a post about this product. you can check it out: http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/topic/31286-say-goodbye-to-your-dark-circle/. Although you need to use the eye care product, also you should notice the sleeping, drink much water, get to sleep early! what is the reason cause your dark circle.
  3. I'd like to share my useful experiences here with all of you! but no one followed.
  4. Now I'm using a new brand of eye mask to take care of my dark circles. I have already post a new topic about the product, I'd like to share my useful experiences with all of you here! Thanks! here is the link: http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/topic/31286-say-goodbye-to-your-dark-circle/
  5. Hi, Girls, Since last time I have asked you to give me advice for my dark circles, now a month later, I got a good news that I wanna to share with all of you. My friend introduced a new product for me! Brand of NY, USA. VII O2M Oxygen Eye Mask. although the price have a little expensive, but, it works for me! That is amazing. I'm so glad to use it. Before I use it, I always put it into the fridge for a while, then put it on my skin, the feeling is cool. Not greasy. 8 hours to take care of my skin in the night, but for me, I need to take a eyecup to avoid the eye mask will fall. because when I asleep, hmm...you know that ... Actually´╝î I willing to add the photos here to show you the products and the effect pictures. but so sad, I don't know how to add it to here. so sorry. maybe someone can tell me a better way to let me to show you the pictures.
  6. Good article, Thanks for your sharing!
  7. Thank you for your sharing, Have you used the eye care products that you have mentioned? I never used the gel type of eye care.
  8. Hi, pretty women, I have heavy dark circles, Is that anyone can give me suggestion about eye care products? Eye cream, eye mask or eye gel? I need help! I'm 27, oil skin.
  9. EmmaW

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    Thank you for your sharing! Great tips!
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