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  1. http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/4031-red-wine-vella/ 8 Boxes Vella Red Wine for sale 5 Litres/box (equals around 6.5 bottle of 750ml red wine) Price: RM135 each http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/4030-red-wine-stanley-for-sale/ 3 Boxes Stanley Red Wine for sale 4 Litres/box (equals around 5.3 bottle of 750ml red wine) Price: RM 88 each Both wines are the sweeter kind and smooth, easy to drink, my guests enjoyed it :) [this is cheaper than buying bottle, and Tai Thong was able to chill and serve for me as well, so no issue, even if in box] Reason for sale: leftover from my wedding, as I initially thought I will have more tables of guests. If you are interested your can PM me, or sms/whatsapp/call 0122916580 (Lim)
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