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  1. Hi, are you still looking for a day care? Our special introductory fees is only RM250/month for full day for Jan, Feb & Mar 2013. Call us @ 03-6242 2247 http://thekinschildcare.com/

  2. hi, I'm a mom staying in puchong jaya, I'm looking for kindergarten for my girl, next year, the problem is, there're far too many kindies around this area, here, to pusat bandar puchong, to bandar puteri, ya, these are the area that I'm considering, can anybody here, if have heard of, or have experienced, can enlighten me? 1. real kids puchong jaya, the one in kasawari, 2. qdees in pusat bandar puchong, 3. 3Q MRC in pusat bandar puchong, in fact, I'm quite interested in their syllabus, the thing is, with this particular branch, seems like it's very badly equipped, I'm trying to avoid those "everybody thinks it's good, thus everybody sends their kids there" type of kindy, just too crowded, or, do you have any recommendation? thanks, regards lil P
  3. am looking for mediocre kindy for my girl...
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