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  1. Hi Geraldine Is it alright if we communicate via email? :) happyblossoms88@gmail.com
  2. Hi girls Congrats to all of u :) planning wedding can be tiring stressful at times but is always the most satisfying process of wedding when u pull it off at end of the day :) For those whose looking to own affordable wedding gown, can drop by my link below. I'm selling my used gown. They were from local designers www.happyblossoms.blogspot .com
  3. Is your big day girl, do as u wish :) I'm sure the female guests will be happy to see beautiful bride in different gown. I rent alot dresses for my photoshoot and bought 2 white gown and a party tea dress for my actual day :) Btw I'm letting go of my gown, do drop by below link. You can email me if u r interested :) www.happyblossoms.com
  4. Hello girls If you are interested u can email me, the price is negotiable :)
  5. "Looking for the right entertainment company on your wedding/event especially music live band? Pm me at jenny.themuseent@gmail.com

  6. Thanks, I feel comfortable wearing them :) hope I cam find a new owner for the gown
  7. Hello girls I have 2 by local designer wedding gowns to let go. The dresses were bought as I decided to hired freelance photographer rather than taking package from studio. Besides, most of the studio refuse to alter the length of the dresses. I am not comfortable wearing heels that are more than 3 inches high :P so getting my own gown is the best option. Anyway here are the photos , refer below. http://happyblossoms.blogspot.com
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