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  1. But I heard DeGem is very expansive, hows the service like there? Where is D'damas? Hi Charlie218, I just got my wedding band from DeGem @ One Utama few days ago, and I very much recommend their wedding band collections to everyone! I was kinda worry if it is too pricey for me, so, on my first visit, I told them how much is our budget and what kind of design we are looking for. Miss Pam was the lady who served us, and she is very helpful. She being so patient and keep showing us all kind of rings which meet our need. For me, with a budget of 10k definitely can get a very nice and elegant design from there (and their ring box is simply elegant). I had a very pleasant experience at DeGem and I very happy with their service :) Hello guys, thanks so much for your info.....I still can make up my mind. So you guys are saying in Malaysia DeGem is the best?
  2. Have you guys heard of Gordon Max? this diamonds done in the lab are they real or fake because the look very legit.;;;
  3. But I heard DeGem is very expansive, hows the service like there? Where is D'damas?
  4. Are you sure its authentic? I thought thing is with jewelry you must see it to appreciate it. Did you have a bad experience buying jewelry at the shop?
  5. Cheers Bro Adrian I've been going thru DeGem's website and I found out they carry this two brands one is Forevermark and more Infinity Wedding bands......are they at par with Lazare........and what is so special about Lazare? Even if say I buy elsewhere and their cut is not as good a Lazare it would still be a Diamond ring.....get what I mean?
  6. If you're looking for loose diamond (with more selection of grade) , wah chan and degem is the option :) Thank you Joanne babe.
  7. Thanks so much guys. Really appreciate it. Is worth it looking at Poh Kong, Tomei or Habib? and I've been hearing about this Love & Co. that specialises in wedding and engagement rings and they have good promos too........ Decisions...decisions...decisions...decisions...decisions... Didn't know buying a ring would be this hard........
  8. Hi ppl, My name is Charlie and I'm a new member here and its about time well more of it feels like its the right time for me to propose to my girlfriend of 3 years, the love of my life. I need some advise because I don't know anything about buying a ring and I've done some research and I'm still a bit lost and there's a lot of jewelry shop here in Malaysia. My budget is about roughly RM10,000 so my question is from where can I get the best bang out of the money that I'm going to spend? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance and have a a good day.
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