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  1. lilykng, You had your C sect under Prof. Eugene? I guess the pain is normal. Afterall, you had a surgery. Btw, I have delivered too. Bb premature at 7 months again. Delivered in UMMC
  2. I am thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7". Reason is that it is small and light enough to be carried in my handbag. Don't fancy I Pad or the Galaxy 10" as they are too large. Anyone using the Galaxy 7"? Any review / comments?
  3. Mine differed about 100g. Ultrasound is just estimation
  4. For me, I felt very very tired in early pregnancy. As early as even before I missed my period. I couldn't keep my eyes open in the office and was wondering what was wrong with me. Only after I missed my period then I realised I am pregnant.
  5. Seriously, if a kid dare to make noise in my house because other adults want to change channel, I don't care whose kid is he/her, who pays for the tv/astro and who the parents are, I will not hesitate to ask the parent to take the kid and leave my house. Happened before with my nephew. I told the maid to bring the boy home and never step into my house again until I say ok.
  6. If it is me, I will hang on to the current house. Landed property is hard to come by these days. Although as Skye said, moving to a condo is not downgrade at all, to me, I still prefer landed property. If you are to sell the house and get a condo, where will your mum stay? Surely she will stay with you as well? In that case, you will have the same household but much less space around the house, which will make things even more difficult. If your niece does not respect your hb now, she will not change even if you all move in to a house / condo bought by your hb. ALso, will your mom be satisfied with the RM50k 'compensation'? I'm not saying your mom is money minded or that sort of thing. The mentality of old people is that 'this is my house / bought by my hb. Now my children just sell it off and give me only RM so and so'. No matter how much you give your mom as 'compensation', she will still think the same. Happened to me and my family lah! And what about your sister? Surely she wants a share as well since she hasn't got the flat promised to her? Perhaps you should have a family meeting. Put all out for discussion. Why you want to sell the house, why you and your hb deserve the respect and say since you all pay for the installment, your niece's attitude, etc. At the end, if compromise cannot be made, then sell the house and cabut
  7. Zeroflower I'm not sure whether we can choose dr at ummc under normal circumstances. Mine is high risk pregnancy as I have incompetent cervix. Went for check up at UMMC this morning. The nurse didn't notice that I am supposed to see Prof Eugene so she put me under other dr. When my number was called and I saw that it was not Prof Eugene, I was dissappointed but I just went ahead. Halfway through consultation, the dr saw that I had compications during last pregnancy and this one as well. So I told her that I am supposed to see Prof Eugene. Then she said ok and asked me to wait for him to come.
  8. FLune, thansk for ur info through sms in last week. I will go to UMSC under Prof Eugene,, now check up every month in UMSC. May i know where u bring ur kids to get vaccine? Klinik kesihatan or UMSC? You are welcome. I brought my kids for vaccination in Sunway Medical Centre. I have changed my 'strategy'. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant. Instead of going to Prof Eugene in UMSC, I go to his clinic for check up in UMMC. It is completely free for me as I am a government servant. Same doctor but free. It can't be any better right? However, the downside of going to Prof. Eugene in UMMC is that the queue is very long (queue in UMSC is just as long though) and his clinic is only on Tue morning. I will deliver in UMMC also.
  9. Zeroflower Mind telling how much it cost you for delivery in UMSC under Prof. Eugene? What type of room did you stay? ANy epidural? I assumed yours is natural delivery right?
  10. I cannot remember the exact amount but they are not the same amount for ebm and fm. I don't increase the amount by schedule. Meaning, I increase only when I found them getting hungry faster.
  11. I mixed fed my twins as well. My breast milk was not enough to feed both of them so I had complement with formula. They had ebm during day time and formula at night. Nobody can say I didn't try. I doubt any mommies here can try any harder than I did. I expressed every 2 hours for 30 mins each time day and night just to make sure I have enough ebm for my babies. I did this for 1 whole year! I was tired all the time and no one around me understood. They, even hb, said I brought this all to myself. Imagine on top of this I had to work full time and also take care of babies when I get home? No one was supportive and they blamed me for spoiling their mood when we go outing and I had this tired face on. Anyway, my point is, if you have done all you could, I don't see why you cannot live with your decision.
  12. Though I have twins, I do not have any experience handling newborns. That's because my babies got to stay in hospital for almost 2 months after born. By the time they got home, my babies have been trained by the nurses in hospital to sleep on their own, have a feeding schedule on their own, etc. Since my babies were not with me, my confinement was more relaxed. I just eat and sleep and of course express milk when it is time. Every evening, I will go to the hospital to visit my babies and also send my ebm there. Having said that, I did have my share of frustrations when it comes to breastfeeding; engorgement, blocked duct, not enough milk, etc. Now that I am expecting again, I shudder to think how am I going to handle the newborn baby when the time comes as everyone expected me to be well experienced already, which in truth, I am not.
  13. I think it has become a habit rather than he really feel hungry. Try feed him more during day time and slowly train him to not wanting milk in early morning. If he wakes up at 5am, then give him milk maybe 15 or 30 minutes later each night. Slowly you will be able to stretch it to the morning
  14. Don't know to get upset with people who abort more or be angry with those who kills their newborn more. Remember the case where the women stabbed her newborn baby to death? Also a week ago, came out in the news that someone flung a newborn baby from a flat. These people are sick!! It is more heartache when you heard about people who takes abortion likely where you yourself are having trouble TTC.
  15. You tell her you 'not in a hurry' (mm gon si kan)
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