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  1. yea, if the SA did that to my HB, i tink she would at least kena push down IF NOT kena slap..lolz. Me and my Hb going to marriage preparation course end of next month as required by my church. HB is not a Christian but he didnt mind to go to the marriage preparation course. I dont see any excuse to be reluctant to go for MP course lor...it is a good thing by the way. I tink about the SA and ur HB, they are really flirty leh. Although i am flirty too but i dont just go and draw on someone's else arm! What more if he is someone's else husband!! Weird leh, you should check check and see see...
  2. Plan early better ma...book early is better... I booked my venue and everything already cos' I can't accept rejection! So i want things to happen my way, so the only way is to be ahead before anyone..hehehe
  3. and ur PS photos are gorgeous! U and ur hubby looks like so happy go lucky type..can even feel it by just looking at the photos! veyr natural and playful..nice!
  4. I love your MV and you did that without any design or IT background? Very impressive leh...ever think of doing for business ar? Hehehe. I am interested to do mine like urs leh...seriously... can give some help?
  5. It is fine... But i would choose to play around with my theme colors la...not necessarily exactly the same color...but probably about the same shade.
  6. i decided to get red apples as my wedding favors... would tie a tiny ribbon.. :)
  7. eunice, what signing card? what is the purpose?? hehe .. I'm so outdated la :P eee...something like those book for guest to sign when they come...i dont use a book, instead i wan them to sign on a card...one each for all guest.
  8. me pulak got to do about 400 guest signing card with the puncher...if got time..will do thank you card as well..lolz.
  9. I will insist to tag along. For my case, i am confident that i can win over any of my ex's husband anytime. Lolx. If she starts saying 'remember the time...' thn I would start saying 'Lately...' If she wanna use memories to get his attention, I would use present power to shoooooo her off... Maybe like showing off abit...but heck, it is his ex by the way..like I will be friend with her after tht meeting..
  10. but quite sad cos got to leave it at home for 4 days...sobsob...Got to work outstation... :(
  11. i love my puncher!!! cant stop punching whole night...kahahhaa HB also excited...
  12. means this weekend i can get it liao..hehehhee
  13. i make-up myself and mummy helped me with the blusher..since my hair is quite ok, i just wash and blow dry myself...then let it go and just use a headband. Walla~ thats it!
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