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  1. Yaoyao added a post in a topic make-up artist wanted   

    U can call 9057 5179

    FB: hues professional
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  2. Yaoyao added a post in a topic make-up artist wanted   

    Check it out Facebook : hues professional,

    I have recommend fews frd also say nice, and he always appear at magazine work too.
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  3. Yaoyao added a post in a topic MUA needed for wedding dinner in PJ on 3rdNov2012   

    You can check out Facebook page : hues professional,
    the director quite famous have did a lot magazine and tvc shoot.
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  4. Yaoyao added a post in a topic My custom made wedding gown for sale / rent   

    How much u sell?
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  5. Yaoyao added a topic in General Topics   

    any recommend Sifu Calculation good day
    DEar All,

    I need advice where can find good and cheap sifu for calculation good day and all the Tai Lai thing and this and that ?
    I a bit pening all about this, wedding is not so easy.
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  6. Yaoyao added a topic in Preschoolers Club (3-5 Years Old)   

    Recommend extra classes kids modeling
    Kids need to join more activity ? You can consider kid modeling, a place to built up kids teamwork, confident. .my cousin join already every time she finish class also very laughter with or other J J.

    Check : www.movekids.weebly.com
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  7. Yaoyao added a post in a topic How to teach kid (my niece) to talk in age 3-5?   

    Let her play with more friend same age or older 2 year... Or taking course ...
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  8. Yaoyao added a post in a topic Thanks Korea Artiz Studio   

    I just read super bad comment from Low yat forum, guys be careful of it, I planing to go tomorrow but when I read there is make me scare and piss off with Korean art reply there....
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  9. Yaoyao added a topic in Wedding Hair and Makeup   

    A hues - Nic Lee high recommend
    This fews month, all my friend give this guy Nic Lee to do diner and wedding makeup and hairdo, first I not believe it is really so nice, because fews of gf also say he have a good skill and natural and modern hair style.

    Than last week, attend a wedding, went to he place sri petaling and try, is really nice and natural, that night all friend also my hair and makeup is so nice.

    If you want to try it out check he page : hues professional

    He had amazing skill and Japan concept
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  10. Yaoyao added a topic in Wedding Photography and Video   

    Looking photograph and video grapher
    My friend need video and photographer for 18th dec and diner 30th dec, anyone can recommend ?
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