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  1. Off course can take bath but with hot shower! Keep urself hygience since u going to breast feed ur child! The old style not allow bathing was because old day they use water from the well or some due to the weather. But we are living in m'sia and not china. As for the hair, well, I wash mine every 3-4days. First I than for 10 days without washing and use dry shampoo. But at last I got dandruff which drive me to nut and I decided wash it since my gynea said keep urself clean. Wash and blow dry Immediately.
  2. I fired my confinement lady after she worked for 5 days. Then I do on my own for 6 days since I got in law to do the cooking and maid do the washing. After that 2nd confinement lady came on board as a replacement. Guess what, she is terrible too. Over praise herself too much and I slowly discovered she doesn't know how to cook and not meeting my expectation in taking care my son. She carry my son to sleep! Crazy! Luckily I sleep with CL since I insist and I want to breast feed my son. At last she feel paiseh and left. She even ordered my maid to wash her clothes + inner wear! I don't even get my maid to wash my inner wear! I use the disposable type. This CL even told me she will not work for those family who doesn't have air cond one. Wah.....so demanding. When she realized that I discovered she doesn't know many things, she told me she gained a lot of experience fr me... Bullshitting around and I scolded her and said u all very money oriented. Know abit and pretend know many things and start to do biz as CL. Please go and update urself more and attend some courses to strengthen ur professionalism! Then she asked me few questions before she left e.g why some bb cried non stop, etc and I answered her.. Fainted, my friend said u should charge her on giving her a free lesson! Lol
  3. Hi, I currently engaged one Urut lady from sg long. She is pretty good compare against the one I engaged last time for my 1st child. Her name is called Pn Linda, she is charging me rm70 since I take her more than 3 times and I will engage her to help me on slimming too. Her contact is 011-19730268. She willing to travel but will charge on mileage. If u thinking of engage her, just let her know Kelly or mrs Yong recommend. Cheers
  4. Hi, I now direct feed my son and going to stop express my milk. Therefore, i want to sell my new Madela swing breast pump which was just bought but used less than 10 times. For those who are interested, please email me nanako128@gmail.com
  5. for baby < 1 yr old, i started with carrots, sweetpotato, broccoli, potato, cauliflower then slowly introduce fish. I normally will boil the soup using meat (cube size) + carrot (in cube size) after that only add in the rice, fish, sweetpotato, broccoli and cauliflower. When almost cook, i will add in some shredded carrot. If i use slowcooker, i will put the rice + meat (cube size) + carrot (cube size) + potato into the slowcooker. After cook for some times, then only will followed by the vegetables. Everyday i will change the menu but always follow the ground rules of 2/3 vege + 1 meat. I didn't use the ikan bilis to prepare the stock as i heard the story on how the ikan bilis was prepared before which freak me out. I stick to organic food always and for the fish wise, i bought the zen xin fish. I have one colleague who blend the meat and cook with the rice till it become porridge, it turns out to be very tasty and her son loves it. However, since she started with a tasty food , her son refuse to eat anything that is plain.
  6. Hi S_Y, blurcheryl, I have send the details to your email :) Pls check it out
  7. Anyone looking for food warmer and stroller. I have a brand new tommee tippee UK brand food warmer( with warranty card) and MyDear Stroller to let go. Both never use before.
  8. Brand New Food Warmer for sale! Come with one year warranty card and fully imported from UK.
  9. I am going to deliver soon and was thinking to take a slimming course after confinement..haha.. Lately came across an advertisement on the Slim World, not sure how effective they are as the package offer are quite good. Anyone has tried before?
  10. i am 32 weeks preggie now and today gynea explained to me about the 3 methods of getting rid the pain during labor. Gas, ipain killer njection at the buttock or epidural. Off course Epidural is the best among all but costly RM900. Anyone taken before and please provide your feedback. TQ
  11. Hi Jaunty_niel, My sis washed it and then just use the special slicer to slice the "nga ku" into a thin later straight to the wok and fried. After that she add pinch of fine salt on it. The 2nd method will be like keropok style, soak the thin slices of "nga ku" into the salt water for overnight. On the next day, dried the "nga ku" and put under the sun to speed up the dryness. Then store the "nga ku" into a tin and fried it when u r free. The latter method no need to add pinch of salt after u fried it if it's already tasted abit salty( depend on ur preference). Now preggie and didn't bake any CNY cookies this yr, just order from other ppl..hehe
  12. Hi Jocelyn, Does Avent ISIS breast Pump has the technology of mimic a baby's natural nursing rhythm? i plan to buy it online but can't find any further description on this. quote name='jocelyn' date='Dec 31 2007, 12:41 PM' post='132205'] hi nanako, i used avent isi breast pump, loved it very very much... very comfortable... and can get maximum breast milk...
  13. hi there, i am looking for a breast pump and found Avent ISI breast Pump and Medela pump. Both are manual pump. For those who used this two type of pump before, can you please give some advice?
  14. Hi all mummies and mum-to-be, Well-fitted maternity bra is important to have during pregnancy and after pregnancy. I read from an article which mentioned that Underwired bras should not be worn during pregnancy. One thing really doubting me is that since breast size is getting bigger and bigger, should i get a maternity bra now ( i'm just 19 weeks now) or should i just wait till 6 mths then only get a maternity bra? Please advice.....
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