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  1. I think my girl likes music, she likes songs sang by Faye Wong and Fish Leong. Everytime before she sleep during daytime, I will on the kids song, if I do not on it, she will makes sound, wants me on the music then only she will fall sleep. While nite time, I will sing for her. Even sometimes when she feel uncomfortable/ fussy, once I sing her song, she will settle down, keep quiet enjoy my song. I really love this feeling and feel proud to be a mummy...hehehe
  2. Aiyoh, increase RM4 oledi. I just called them, they said can offer me at RM59.90/box (1 cartons)
  3. I do not add any stock into my bb porridge, I read book saying before 1 years old, is encourage not add any flavour for bb. My porridge is mix rice "millet, quinno, brown rice, red rice", I will add vege likes brocolli, carrot, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin (each time one or mixing of 2 vege). So far, she is ok, will finish it.
  4. Pasaraya Megaherbs & Food Sdn Bhd Lot 10991 Jalan SS24/8 Taman Megah Last month I bought 1 cartons is at RM56.90/box. The staff said after finish old stock, new stock will have new price.
  5. summer20 Do u travel to PJ area? I bought Enfalac A+ at one of the chinese herbal shop in Taman Megah, cost is RM56.90/box. Normally I bought one carton.
  6. My colleague's fren also have the same thing like u, do blood test and found possibilty bb will have down syndrome. But the couple does not go further test, cause they decide whatever it is, still want the baby. When delivered, bb is healthy. I am 35 when have my first bb, but my gynae does not urge me to go for the blood test for down syndrome. He said if my answer for 2 questions is "NO", then is no need for the test. First Q, is your family got down syndrome history. Second Q, if test is postivie, will u let go the bb. My gynae also said it could be false alarm for the blood test. pray more and you will have a healthy bb :)
  7. My uncle (mat salleh) also brain internal bleeding, and sent to hospital, doc declared he is in coma. He stays in germany, doc there do the operation and put him in sleep. cause do not want him use any brain, let the brain rest, can also say is in come. Doc also say eventhough he wake up, will become "vege" or coma. Miracle happen, now he is awake, he can move his eyes and is consious, just he cannot speak. There is one time his family want to give up on him, but my aunty does not give up.
  8. due to my fibroid problem, i went to see my gynae every 6mths. Last visit he just charge me RM93.00, do scan to see my fibroid size.
  9. my EDD is near CNY, so we always tell her do not come out so fast, must be after CNY, if not mummy need pay CL double price...so make her dun want come out...hahaha. But we also tell her, when see doctor come, must immediately out, dun let mummy push so long. It works, once doctor in, just one push, she out oledi.
  10. I have visited 3 doctors in my early stage, 3 of them also gave me different date of EDD. One say end Jan, one say early Feb and one say end Feb. As I know doc is using a chart to determine the EDD, calculate from the first day of period come. Lucky I mark down my first day of period and day have intercourse. I told the same date to 3 of the doctors, only my confirm gynae listen to me and postponed the EDD date 2 weeks after using the chart. However, I still have no sign of labour, no pain, no bleeding. But both my legs suddenly swelling 2 days before my EDD. I asked around, ppl say is a symptom want to deliver. However, I still go for induce, cause doc say leg swelling and blood pressure was increase bit compared to normal check up BP. Induce labour is suffering, my pelvic only open 5cm from 6am - 4pm. I cannot stand the pain, and surrender to take epidural. After epidural, ard 6pm, open 8cm. Then deliver natural at 10pm.
  11. when give sausages to infant, pls must cut into small small small pieces. My client's bb 15mths, was choking and death because of nanny gave her eat small sausages.
  12. My nephew's kindergarden also do not do revision if is absent. In my opinion, it should be the parent duty to teach the kid. We as parent cannot pass all the teaching job to teacher. In kindergarden, a teacher is teaching more than 10 kids. If in primary is even worst. If we want our kid to study well, parent also play an important role.
  13. gingergurl, He will be fine and fully recover after the surgery. Keep tell him u love him very much, touch him and hug him. Let us together pray for him.
  14. Hi mummies, My ex-company will be having clearance in 1 & 2 July. I would like to recommend you all toy brand "Playgo". They want to clear out the stocks, so sell at very cheap price, in fact is below the cost price. For the quality can match with "Fisher Price". I do not earn any commission here. Cause is very worth to buy, so want to share with u all. I myself has bought most of the toys now eventhough my bb girl only 4 months old :). For mummies have bb girl, would recommend u to look at "Playgo Mini Trolley". You may log into www.letterman.com.my, search for the toys. The price featured is Normal Retail Price. If you want to know the sales price, pls pm or email me, suvian76@hotmail.com
  15. My client's sister did a L.M with Doc BK Lim at UMSC, Tel 03 78414040. She did to removed cysts few years ago when LM is not famous. The first gynae she went to is a famous doctor in Gleanegles KL, the doc asked her do the old way not LM. Then she get second opinion with this Doc Lim.
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