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  1. Check out the Montessori Method here. I used to teach yoga at a Montessori daycare and I can see why some parents (especially Asians or old school Westerners) dislike it. They don't really encourage too much structure in the child's life (such as grading and testing) and the younger kids are allowed/encouraged to learn in the same class as the older kids when they are ready to because everyone learns at a different pace. It is a child-centered type of learning environment and kids learn differently than adults. Kids are encouraged to learn what interests them instead of forcing them to learn something that they are not ready to. When my baby is ready for kindie, I will try the Montessori method first, unless I see that my child require much more structure then I will enroll her in a traditional kindie. My little sister used to go to Krisaliz in Taman Taynton and she came out more prepared for school than myself or my 2nd sister. Krisaliz also employed the Montessori method. Tadika Krisaliz - not sure if they still exist 26, Jalan Mutiara Satu, Taman Mutiara, 56000 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan. Tel : 03-9130 2850 Fax : 03-9131 248
  2. I read that babies will get distracted when they are nursing, so it is very important that you create a calm and quiet environment for them to nurse. If you have distractions like TV, etc. they will turn their head away from the breast after sucking for a bit. HTH!
  3. I live in Toronto, and I have asked my mom to dbl check with the Chinese doctors in Malaysia about this. I was recommended "Shang Fah Tong" (Live Flower Soup) by the Chinese herbalist here and it must be consumed the day after (or even the night of if you deliver in the morning). It helps to get rid of blood clots.
  4. I feel short bouts of cramps on one side and then the other around the pubic region too, and also dull backaches from the middle lumbar spine to the tailbone at times as well. There is no spotting though, so I assume that I'm ok. Told my family dr. abt it and he said it's normal as well. I told this to my mom and she made me feel very bad because she said she has never heard anyone with any sort of pain during the pregnancy, including herself. She attributed her lack of pain to the amount of walking that they had to do when they were poor and had to walk a lot more than us. I told her that I read online that the pain that I'm experiencing is normal based on what I've read online and she didn't seem to believe me. O' well...
  5. Earth Hour is much more publicized in Canada than in the U.S. How this became a "boycott America" campaign is beyond me because not many Americans are actually participating in this. In fact, many cities in Canada are more proactive in recycling that in American and I have lived on both sides of the border. In fact, in Toronto the city provides us with "green bins" whereby you bag all your biodegradable garbage and kitchen waste from egg shells to chicken bones and put them in the green bins. The city then collects these organic wastes and does the composting from us. In the spring, summer and fall, the city then sells bags of compost to the public for a small amount of money so you can use it in your garden or pots of plants. BTW, turning off your lights is OK but you can go the distance during this 1 hour event and in everyday life to unplug any unused appliances like handphone chargers to conserve even more energy. You can make sure that your home is not drafty by sealing up old windows in the winter time or placing rugs under the doors so that you don't lose heat from your home. Dress appropriately according to the weather, bundle up when you're cold, wear socks and layer up instead of turning up the thermostat. There are plenty of ways we can participate on a personal level without waiting for a big NGO to tell us what to do :)
  6. *Joy of Baking and Joy of Cooking Both are considered the "BIBLE" for cooks and bakers in North America. They have tested many popular recipes and came up with the best. They also come up with new cookbooks annually.
  7. I *heart* lychees. I will try to make this soon! Thanks, Flora!
  8. Huevos Rancheros (Ranch Eggs) for brunch on Sunday. See my blog here for the best cooked salsa recipe
  9. Haha Thanks, BG. You can ask my hb who is not vegetarian... he's never complained and never left a lick of anything I make everyday.
  10. Personally, I'm not big into cookies but I made them for my hb :P
  11. I've never had it at home in Malaysia before, so I don't really know what to compare it to. So far, what I have come up with is not too bad
  12. Thanks BG, it is very yummy hee hee... made with my own homemade sambal belacan.
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