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  1. Dear Residents of MB, Both Steven and myself would like to apologize to all MB residents which has sent us PM request of our photos which we did not reply. It has been many many months since both of us did not log in to MB as we were busy with our working life. Steven especially is the one whom has been checking the forum all these while also has been tied up with his work in his new role in the company. Again.. please accept our apologies on our non reply of your PM. b/regards Evon & Steven
  2. Hi, Both Steven and myself are in logistics industries and Steven knows a lot people in this line. If you need us to help size up this "Vincent" guy here, I can ask Steven to check it out for you. If he is really that bad, then there should be victims in the logistics people too. Just PM us is you want our help to know whereabout of this person.
  3. Dont know whether you still facing this problem. But if your tenant still did not appear, then it is better to put up a police report and request the officers to accompany you to the unit and check it out. Don't want months later then you end up untowards findings inside. If the problem already solved, then good for you.
  4. Well the other day i just grumble la abit in front of them about the TV thingy and the bathroom thingy.. now can see improvement... they watch their own tv upstairs while i have my astro downstairs.. wifey dont really watch tv alot but just she want to spend more time with me be it watching tv together or doing something else together. Ppl in my house/family knows me very well.. I am very patience.. when i burst, then hell breaks... but when i start grumble, then u better receive my signal or else... :P gen_c, your advantage is the house is yours. So be firm on certain things.. like i said... staying there until the house is done its ok lar... but when time to move.. then move out... let your hubby talk to your MIL and see how it goes lor..
  5. Personally as a guy myself, I dont mind if sister move in to stay with me provided that they really move out when the house is ready... even if it means 2 years period. But if the house is ready and she dont wanna to move then it will be a headache too. Both Evon and myself also having problem with my sister and BIL staying with us. Well, We are staying with my mum as i am the only and youngest son and for the sake of wanting my mum to take care of my nephew, they move in. Fine with me, but my sis is very " pa tou ". Everything also she want to take over, morning using the bathroom also have to rush us just because she want to rush too.. newspaper she took and put it in the room until my wife 'bising' cos she also need to read it. My BIL even worst cos he likes to watch football and those National Geographic channed (astro) which all of us incl my sis dun like to watch.. he just buat tak tau only until i have to tell my mum to nag him. If i am the one nagging then it will be agruement dy.. Sometimes even worst my sis watch the TV upstairs and BIL watch downstairs.. Its like no freedom in own house. and many more problems. They have their own appartment but since they are used to ppl take care of their son.. then they dun want to move out. Initially they say only will move out when the son is big... but now the son is already 5 years old and then worst they register the school at our house area. I have no problem all family members staying together but must give and take la.. luckily my sis also pay about 1K to my mum to cover the expenses for the food, electricity etc etc... But in your case, I think you and your FH should sit down with your MIL to talk about it. The only concern is your sis BF. I dont tink the younger sister's BF should be moving in to your house too. Cos he is only the BF.. its still consider a stranger. Just my thought though..
  6. My HB says that this is how the Govt punishes us after we punished them during the last elections. Imagine today lunch time i ate a bowl of mee.. additional 50 cent per bowl.. what the h@#k. We have started to see the chain reaction now. Also some blogger wrote that this morning was a surprise cos not much of traffic on the street. So fast people are taking drastic measurements?
  7. Thank you all for your reconmendations. One of the freind intro Dr Teo of Sunway Medical. Mayb we would go and pay him a visit tomorrow afternoon.
  8. Hi all, Anyone knows any Orthopaedics to reconmend? We are staying in OUG. So nearest medical centre that would be covered by our insurance (if need any drastic medical procedure) would be Assunta, Sunway & SJMC. Steven injured his lower back on Monday morning while preparing to go to work. Sent him to HUKM that morning to A&E and they only treated him with pain relieves (Tramadol) jab and some oilment to rub on his back. While x-ray doesn't show any broken bones (well he did not fell down anyway). Dr just asked him to bed rest for 72 hours and given him MC for the rest of the week. Advise from Dr is if the pain have not reduce by Monday, then he would recon us to see their specialist on Monday morning. BTW they terms is MUSCLE SPASM. Some of the friends advised us to take 2nd opinion rather than listen to Govt Hospital' advise. Some says that based on their own experience, they Dr should have done MRI instead to really see clearly the condition of the back. While the pain is not as much as on Monday but it still affect him when he tries to sit up (from lying position) or stand up (from sitting position). He says he can feel that the whole pressure just pressed the painful part of the back. Any advise anyone? Pls pls..
  9. hi hi... just to have an eye opener for all.. this is how my fibroid looks like... its 875 grams and about 15cm long
  10. our dr has made it clear to us that for these kind of operation, there's alwiz certain (minimum) percentage of risk of getting hysterectomy due to uncontrollable lost of blood. it depends on individual. Myomectomy is a normal operations which all gynae can make but our dr just want us to aware of certain risk.
  11. tiger, evon did it in Gleneagles Hospital. she really had mess inside her. during the op, the dr found that the fibroid has began to attached itself to the intestine. So have to really take time to cut the fibroid and not injuring the other parts.. Also he found 2 cysts eat each of the fallopian tube. also the appendix also time to cut out.. total bill plus 4 days of normal single room comes to 12K ++ luckily the company can cover...
  12. hi ladies... steven here... long time no post here.. Just to update.. evon will b having her myomectomy operation tomolo.... she has multiple fibroid and quite large size too..
  13. oh gosh.... i went to see him this noon cos i felt that there's something rolling inside me when i sleep... Checked... after done ultrasound... he say that i have uterus fibroid and need surgically removed.. after hearing this.. my tears come out uncontrollably. :( the charges? RM 659.... i felt that its expensive but due to shock status... i dun care about the charges anymore. Planned to get 2nd opinion.. any reconmendation?
  14. i dont know about the charges though... i din ask his mum... but still mayb people change after all these years. He used to be very caring. I tink business should be good liao . :P
  15. isit opposite pearl international hotel? Next to the shop selling lights? If its the one, Steven's mum had some minor surgery about more than 15 years ago there... those days according to her mum its ok lar... clean and Dr Chong is very caring to the patient and the wife also helping out at the clinic. Dr Chong also attached to Pantai Cheras hospital those days.. But these info was some years ago la... dono still can help you or not.
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