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  1. Hi can you email me pics for the deco and the dresses to yuinhuey@gmail.com. Thanks!
  2. Hi Glitter starlight, Can you email me the package as well? my email address is yuinhuey@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. Hi WSWS, Looking to have it in December 2013. Can you email me at yuinhuey@gmail.com? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the info Daniel! Much appreciated!
  5. At first I was only looking for a small and cozy dinner place, because I wanted to have my ceremony at my hometown. But now I may consider Saujana as well for convenience sake and the ambiance. Will drop by Saujana soon to check it out. I kinda like GM because its new, but I don't like the jam as well. Was afraid that Saujana is hard to find as well. When will they be renovating? When is your wedding WSWS? Who are you liasing with? Can you give me her email? Thanks for the input!
  6. Hi! I'm looking to have my wedding dinner for about 20-25 pax and I was very interested in Grand Millennium at first, since the hotel is relatively new and the ballroom looks classy,despite the horrible jam in Bukit Bintang. However, a friend of mine recommended me The Saujana near Subang airport. I like the ambience in the hotel and this is hidden gem in Subang! The price wise and packages are pretty standard all across hotels. I have been trying to weigh the options and doing researches to see which venue is better. Would appreciate some feedback and suggestions on these two venues. Thanks!
  7. I like ur evening gown. Can email me best price n more details like size, alteration can be done at yuinhuey@gmail.com. Thanks.
  8. Hi can email pics to yuinhuey@gmail.com? Thanks!
  9. hi still available? can email at yuinhuey@gmail.com? Thanks!
  10. hi still available? please email me at yuinhuey@gmail.com. Thanks!
  11. hi, can send pic to yuinhuey@gmail.com? thanks!
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