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  1. Here is Iron Man at the Negeri Sembilan Museum, take a look at this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TdPXeKHoLE
  2. Hi all! I wanted to share about a great event that is being sponsored by LEMM International Therapy. Right now they are at the Museum Negeri Sembilan in Seremban. There is a bit about it on their website: http://www.lemm-int-therapy.com/165888135. Lots of awesome movie props and actual movie scripts signed by the actors :) Worth the trip to take your kids!
  3. Hello again! Just wanted to share about a new forum for kids with special needs :) http://lemm.createaforum.com
  4. Hi again... I wanted to share the website for LEMM International Therapy: http://www.lemm-int-therapy.com/ My friends use this program currently for their son who needs communication therapy. I really have seen some good changes in him. Hope this info can be helpful, and all the best to you.
  5. Hi there! Kerry here again... Don't know if there are parents out there needing some answers regarding their special needs child. If anyone is wondering about speech and language therapy services in the Klang Valley area, I will be available on this forum Thurs 24th January to answer questions or I can get in touch with the speech therapist that I know. I appreciate that parents struggle with many worries and issues when they have a child with special needs. Don't hesitate to be in touch!
  6. Hi Joeythc, It is true, I think there is a lot of hope for your son! I have a friend who's son was having similar issues... they actually found a therapy service to come to their home and work with the boy. He is doing much better now! I can find out more and get back to you, if you are still looking for information.
  7. Hello bear_bear, I have a friend who's son was thought to have autism. They found a really great therapy service which came to their home to work with the boy. He's improving very well! I can find out more info about the program they hired and get back to you, my friend seems very happy with the progress.
  8. Hello! If you are still looking for a professional service, I would like to recommend LEMM International Therapy (Speech and Language therapy services). It is an excellent, home-based program. You can have a look at their brochure here, it also includes contact information! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Lemmit/
  9. Hello! I don't know if you are still looking for a professional speech therapy program for your child... if you are, I know of an excellent service run by Mr. Edwin. LEMM International Therapy, you can find a brochure here with contact information: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Lemmit/
  10. Hello! I am an American expat currently living in Malaysia. If you are looking to help your child with special needs in communication, please call LEMM International Therapy at 010-270-7895 or 012-935-4547. Hear more about an excellent home-based communication therapy service. Kerry
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