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  1. P.s. - The adult should also participate in the learning process by learning sign language and doing as well. Toddlers learn from their role models pretty quick.
  2. Try simple sign language with speech. They become more confident with what they say when they are understood by the adults. Plus, it's easier to learn when one doesn't just rely on one sense (sound) to learn. Using speech and sign language together reinforces learning as they learn by both sight and sound (same with adults actually). Begin with simple, common words like "sleep", "eat", "drink", "milk", and so on, and then slowly expand the vocabulary, and eventually grammar. Never pressure them otherwise it defeats the purpose of building confidence. Yes, it's a misconception that sign language is only for the deaf/mute. I've taught my kid (who is perfectly fine) sign language when she was younger, and now she's a chatterbug with anyone at all. She'll be 5 this year. :)
  3. Darn it. I just recently bought a cheapo non-stick frying pan from Tesco, and I've no idea what it's made out of. Anyhow, I do use a wooden wok turner with it so it doesn't scratch the surface. I used to use a non-stick wok turner that somehow managed to melt so non-stick utensils are a no-no for me now. Come to think of it...It freaks me out thinking of how the frying pan could possibly end up that way too! Eeeks!
  4. Has anyone tried bliv by Cellnique's 'i'm milia banisher'? I've been looking high and low for a review on the product! It's priced RM89 for 5ml... Am very hesitant to purchase without testimonials, especially since many eye creams have disappointed me.
  5. I've got white bumps just beneath my eye. They don't look pretty, especially with the dark circles I have. I've tried using different eye creams but it seems to only become worse... Any idea what they are and how to get rid of them naturally? My mom and elder brother have them too... :(
  6. Wow, that sure is a long list of frauds. Is is possible for the admins to put a link up that leads to this thread just beneath the tabs on every page? You see, some time ago before I became a member here, I used to take every recommendations on various bridal issues here for real. As such, I may or may not have missed out on truly fabulous services/products because of my naivety. Now I'm seriously freaking out because I've told my friends and family to check out so and so's recommendations in the forum at one point or another (I truly hope they weren't frauds). I don't think everyone has made the effort to even go through the News and Announcements section either...
  7. O yeah, this can be bought at major supermarkets like Tesco and Jusco. Not sure about smaller supermarkets.
  8. Well, this doesn't exactly repel cockroaches, but it's been pretty useful in my household. There's this thing called Trap-A-Roach HoyHoy. If you've determined the main entry point of the cockroaches at your place, set it up there. It looks like a paper house, but the floor inside has a gluey layer. A bait is placed in the middle, which actually attracts the roaches. Of course, they get stuck in the glue during their attempts to get the bait. The most I've caught in the thing is 18 adult-sized roaches. They normally bleed themselves to death as their body tears up trying to pull away from the glue, so if you can't stand the smell of cockroaches, this might not be suitable for you. But this definitely works for my place because after a week or two of that, my house will be roach-free for some time. I'm not very keen of poison mainly because roaches do get immune to them over time, and repellents will only repel them at the areas you've set them up at. To me, it's better cutting down the size of their colony than letting them find other ways to colonize.
  9. I think the Sylvanian Families are really cute, and would have started a collection too, if not for its price. There's this Facebook page I follow though... seems to have a lot of promotions on this collection. Don't know if it'd be useful to you or not? https://www.facebook.com/sylvanian.my But gosh, that sure is a big collection! Cleaning them must be a great hassle? (I have a few nenderoids and put them on display, but cleaning is definitely a headache!)
  10. Hi ophelia, thanks for the input! Which kindergarten was that at Botanic? I'll definitely be checking them out one of these days. But would be nice to have inside stories on their actual quality. :)
  11. Any recommendations for pre-school/kindergarten in Klang (particularly Bukit Tinggi/Bandar Botanic/Taman Sri Andalas area)? And what are their syllabus and fee structures like? My little kiddo's 5 this year and she's very keen on the idea of attending school and meeting new friends, but I do not want that enthusiasm to damper by poor teaching/discipline systems. Visiting centres can only give me surface opinions. :/ Would appreciate your recommendations!
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