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  1. bouncingbunny75 added a post in a topic Endometriosis - To be treat with Laparoscopy or Chinese Medicine treatment?   


    I think it depends on yourself. Normally TMC will disagree with Western medicine. As I understand from my hubby, who is a surgeon, Endometriosis can be dangerous , if not removed it might caused tumor as well. I dont know if TMC can cure that but will probably take long time to "adjust".
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  2. bouncingbunny75 added a topic in Introduce yourselves!   

    Hi new here
    Hi everyone,

    I am new & a new bride too. Had my ROM in Aug 2012 and 4 cross-continental receptions (2 completed in Nov & Dec respectively) & another 2 to complete the cycle. Need to meet you all
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  3. bouncingbunny75 added a post in a topic The Majestic Hotel KL   

    When we started to plan our wedding Majestic is not even being rebuilt. As ours was a cross continental one, we would wait for the pre-opening tho being able to put in 100 tables would actually fit in nicely so that we dont have to have so many other receptions in other countries just to accomodate the guest. In the end, for the KL reception, we decided on Ritz Carlton which can only fit 40 tables. How I wish we would have discovered Majestic then
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  4. bouncingbunny75 added a post in a topic ROM + DINNER VENUE RECOMMENDATION NEEDED   

    Zebra square next to ciao?
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  5. bouncingbunny75 added a post in a topic ROM+Wedding Dinner   

    U can try zebra square along Jalan Kpg Pandan but will have to get external caterers tho. Other that that, i dont think really there is a place similar to Passion Road's concept but serving chinese food unless u want chinese food but pork free then I think there are certain places that can do
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  6. bouncingbunny75 added a post in a topic Please help... wedding venue in klang valley   

    Trust that u have found your ideal location. Otherwise, u can consider Kenanga Wholesale City, I heard they have a hall that can accomodate up to 1000 pax tho am not sure if alchohol is allowed. Alternatively, there is this restaurant in Jalan yap kwan seng Kl that can possible customise your wedding, altough its a malay restaurant but they had done indian weddings before and can serve alchohol (as its pork free & the owners are chinese). If you still havent decided on a venue, can check them out on their website
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  7. bouncingbunny75 added a post in a topic Venue that can accommodate >40 tables + Outdoor/Indoor ROM (<100pax)   

    I think Palace of the Golden Horses can do garden wedding but then since yours is so small, how about Carcosa Seri Negara...its just right
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