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  1. Hi ALH, we are jewellery online boutique specialize in wedding ring and diamond ring. we do provide custom made service if you couldn't find any design suit your preference. Send us your ring design and we will find out what Man's ring can match yours perfectly. Don't set in mind custom made is very expensive, Give a chance let us tell the price. Suemei eumayco@yahoo.com
  2. Hi, we are Malaysia jewellery online boutique specialize in wedding ring and diamond with GIA certificate. Maybe i can give you some suggestion because im graduate gemologist from GIA. If you will wearing your engagement ring daily,pearl is not really suitable due it is organic gems, sensitive to oil, chemical and perfume. Beside its not withstand on rubbing and scratching, it will affect the luster and surface over the time. Diamond is a best choice for engagement cause it is the hardest stone, suitable for daily wear and match all your outfit. If you think a single big diamond is too expensive then probably can think of cluster diamond which is 6 or 7 small diamond gather into 1 piece. it looks very bright and blink too. There is also some alternative stone other then Diamond, such as Ruby, Blue Sapphire or Fancy color sapphire. And there is another stone very popular in Europe country with a very nice and high quality viotish blue named Tanzanite. Anyway congratulation.You can contact us even can ask us about the price.Some of the gemstone we do not sell online but we do have in stock. We can also do custom made for you. Suemei eumayco@yahoo.com
  3. Solitare Ring/Engagement Ring updates! In 18k white gold setting GIA certification 1) 0.30ct ( F color, VS 2 clarity, 3 excellent cut grades) - Rm 3,200 2) 0.41ct ( H color, VS 2 clarity, 3 excellent cut grades) - Rm 4,000 3) 0.50ct ( G color, VS 2 clarity, 3 excellent cut grades) - Rm 6,600
  4. We are Jewellery Designer and GIA Graduate Gemologist based in Malaysia. May be we can quote you a price for a simple engagement ring. Estimate price - RM4,300 1) 0.37 ct (GIA certification) 2) D color 3)VS1 clarity 4) 3 excellent cut 5) Non fluorescence Ring Design -18k white gold or yellow gold setting. if you are interested in our price, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also doing in any jewellery include matching pair wedding band and custom made. p.s diamond price may be vary depends on the size and quality. To bring down the price, customer may choose commercial quality or choosing diamond below 0.30 carat. But kindly remind normally diamond below 0.30ct doesn't comes with certificate. https://www.facebook.com/Eumayco
  5. Diamond Ring updates! Diamond set in 18k white gold eith simple ring design. Recommend diamond : GIA certificate 0.35ct (G color, VS2 clarity, Triple Excellent cut grade) - RM 3,600 0.50ct (G color, VS2 clarity, 2 Excellent 1 VGood cut grade) - RM 6,800 0.70ct (G color, VS2 clarity, Triple Excellent cut grade) - RM12,600 https://www.facebook.com/Eumayco
  6. Dear diamond lovers, Always check your Diamond/Gem-set jewellery to ensure the stones mounted are not loose. If you can feel it moves between the setting, visit your local jeweller to tighten the prongs before it's too late. The prongs will be abraded by the moving diamond and it will falls out easily when gold prongs become thinner. Hope this will help to prevent your lovely diamond falling out.
  7. Hi, We are group of jewellery designer specialize in custom made jewellery. We do provide diamond ring and wedding ring designs @ www.eumayco.com 18k white gold - RM 3,600/- 18k white gold - RM 4,200/- Diamond ring (GIA cert), price depends on the diamond size & quality reference: 0.33ct (F color, VS1 clarity , Ex cut, Ex sym, Ex polish) - RM 3,400 0.30ct (H color, VS2 clarity, Vg cut, Gd sym, Ex polish) - RM 2,800
  8. Hi Lau, this is quite a good price on GIA loose diamond. Be careful if there is any fluorescence, grade as none/faint/medium/strong. Diamond with fluorescence bring down the price.
  9. Lazare diamond is a branding, the price will be higher then the market price. We can suggest you to buy GIA certificate diamonds which are TRIPLE Excellent on cutting, symmetry and polish with hearts and arrow appeared. Here we have 2 diamond stock of GIA diamond with 18k white gold 0.36ct / I / VS1 / triple Ex at RM 3,300 Email us at sales@eumayco.com if u think we are cheapest. Thank you
  10. Hi, We are group of Jewellery Designer specialize in cutom made jewellery. We do provide diamond ring & wedding ring designs @ www.eumayco.com Here a few price reference of a diamond engagement rings with simple 18k white gold band : GIA CERT 0.33ct (color: F, clarity: VS1, cut: Ex, sym: Ex, polish: Ex, fluorescence: Non) - RM 3,400 0.42ct (color: F, clarity: VS1, cut: Ex, sym: Ex, polish: Ex, fluorescence: Non) - RM 4,500 0.56ct (color: F, clarity: VS1, cut: Ex, sym: Ex, polish: Ex, fluorescence: Non) - RM7,900 Contact us for pricing to customize ring within your budget but meet your requirements. Email: sales@eumayco.com
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