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    Keep Gallery - Not Recommended!!!
    You know what the photographer said when i was trying to discuss my request with him?


    Me:(flipping the photo album in my iPad), i want this feeling: Vintage & natural
    Photographer: (looking at my iPad), Very hard, we do not have such background and facilities
    Me: I am not asking the same background, but i want this feeling (showing more photo in the album - copied from other bridal house)
    Photographer: i noticed that most of the photo you like is from ...... Bridal House, you go and find them la..!!
    Me: (shocked) no, no, no...i still got some photo from other bridal house, i can't find any indoor shooting from Keep Gallery album. I know you can't do the same thing, but i just want this feeling. I don't want a traditional style indoor shooting, let's do something special.
    Photographer: what do you mean by traditional style? what do you want? If you want special, you pose yourself
    Me: .......


    I was given two photographers for outdoor shooting, one main and one for candid. The main photographer did not take many photo for us, but he was helping his assistance to hold flash light and other accessories. His assistance become our main photographer throughout the whole outdoor shooting. I have booked this photographer when i sign up the package with Keep Gallery (recommended by friends), i have waited for about 2 months for photo shooting due to his busy schedule but end up his assistance was the one taking most of my photo. I will go and select photo this Sunday, if i find my photo not nice, i will sure complain 'gau gau'!

    Keep gallery doesn't like to make phone call, i got to call them to fix the photo shooting date, gown selection and gown fitting. I can't wait as my wedding is getting nearer. When i call them to make appointment for gown selection, they said: if you want to try gown during weekend you got to call us at least 2-3 weeks ago...! I thought Keep Gallery should advice me on that, i did not know the procedures at all!

    I believe there are many bridal house can do better than Keep Gallery. Now i realized their work not very nice also..-_-'' If i got chance to choose again, definitely not Keep Gallery!

    P/S: Pretty upset after the photo shooting, i don't feel myself a client!
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