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  1. Dear all, I have a red silk night gown to let go, worn once only for less than two hours, kept in good condition (like-new). Simple & Elegant One Side Red Silk Diamante Night Gown with tail. Suitable for XS, SAlterable strap (unable to add extra pictures here to illustrate)Can provide more photos of the gown if you are keen. Letting go at a reasonable price. Can COD for KL/PJ area. .
  2. Dear all brides to be, I have a new wedding dress to let go and I can only upload one photo here, so if you are interested in this gown please contact me for more pictures. Kept in good condition. Comes with a crinoline to make the wedding dress puffy but it looks good on its own as well (quite puffy). Removable flower attached on the gownSuitable for XS, S or M as the back is adjustable strap.Laced, diamante top with smooth lace dressThe top of the dress is designed to make one look slimmerCOD can be arranged in KL/PJ. Affordable price at RM180.
  3. Hi Xin_x, do you need ampoules for your pre-wedding shoot or actual day? We save for you.We supply ampoules at reasonable price. Any inquiries, welcome to drop me a message. Thanks.

  4. I visited the bridal fair @ MV yesterday (3rd March 2013) and visited a few booths. I was fascinated when i was stopped by their sales rep and had a go through on their packages. Firstly, I was really into the "korea style" as compared to others and nearly made a booking but i did not in the end. Reason being the staff who served me (unfortunately i did not take down her name) was pretty rude. Customers come first and she acted like she was the customer and did not talk nicely. True as a sales person you want to show all the "goodies" and "freebies" to customer to attract them even though to me it wasn't the SELLING POINT at all because others offer the same. Just because being "KOREA" style doesnt mean you are above all other studios. And when we wanted to talk further, or jokingly ask if you could free additional 5 poses (a korean guy wearing specs n speaks mand I think he is Max from what I read through this thread) was seated there as well. He was okay and nice and reasonable and willing to listen. But the lady who spoke to us was like "U go make your call first! etc.. We can't give you additional 5 more poses.. You go make your call n decide first" Like I have no money to pay or cant decide. As a bride to be, arent the ladies normally deciding on all these sweet lovely things and discussing with their other half as a sign of respect, acknowledgement? I am able to make a decision but I feel that this is something not to be rushed into and needs discussion (as my fiance is not in KL; my cousin accompanied me). So I decided to walk away and she made it seem its my loss. As a customer, we smiled throughout the conversation, no temper or anything but it was the staff who acted like king. I walked further down n realised there's another booth by Artiz and got stopped by a nice sweet girl, a bit soft spoken. She was willing to have a good discussion and customise by customer's need. Discuss and understanding customers need is what you need to have. But we were tired about the whole thing and left. Really, I wouldn't mind to go back to Artiz but i need more time to discuss rather than make that RM3000 deposit as requested by the lady earlier. And I am glad I came back to do a quick research. Also, I read in the thread that they only require RM30 for unedited pics or RM90 for printed in album for any additional pictures that we want. However I was being told that I need to pay RM120 for each and not negotiable. If i want to negotiate I should speak to the assigned korean photographer (after the shooting) and not her because the commission is not hers. Thats a big difference from RM30 as compared to RM120!! I was being briefed on the RM5980 package and they were having a RM1000 discount during that expo. Due to that, I even thought of getting the next level package if the 50poses werent enough but that conversation.. I felt I have had enough and should leave. The conversation was like a gamble (the way she talked to me) "You dont ask me what we can offer, Im going to tell you what FOC things you are going to get (which is the normal stuff) and bla bla...Today I "sai lang" with you! (which she repeated a few times). And we let you apply LA MER for the make up bla bla. I laughed n joking said, aiyo apply only? haha.. N she was like "Oh you dont want then dont apply la.. u know its LA MER" I was like so?! She emphasized it was RM900 and if i want i go buy one and bring la.. As if i couldn't afford bla bla... Really, is that the kind of service I have to receive for paying? and Hey we are providing you to wear GRACE KELLY gowns you know!! Grace Kelly!! Well, the conversation's too long to go on.. But thats a few *#@ i've experienced and would like to share. Thats my first experience with Artiz even though I must admit I really like their work and style. I might visit their gallery for my pre-wed shooting but hopefully not served by the same lady.
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