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  1. Hi, have u ever chose Doris as you MUA? How the comment?
  2. I'm still on surveying... coming wedding exhibition 20-22 Sep 2013. and how about u?
  3. I've been to MV bridal fair, Two of us offer me 4800 net with FOC 200.00 cash voucher and 24''x36'' enlarge print worth (RM500). Seem like their packages photo look different quanlity. Ya, I agreed by u they seems easier heart to... and their packages with no hidden charges.
  4. can't seem to PM u Hi Nonchalant Novice, Why? what's wrong? I'm new here, please email to me accgain@yahoo.com . I would like to know but i' m shy to directly asking the prices due to i'm on a tight budget. TQVM
  5. Do u mine to share the price packages, pm me pls. I am on a tight budget & looking forward to have a nice with price affordable ... thanks
  6. Mine to pm me the price of package? (most importantly, their package are not expensive at all ) happy to heard that due to limited budget.
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