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  1. hi all...... sorry for the long absence. been a bit tied up with lots of happenings. Regarding the package think Moco has come up with a promo RM3K++ that is very similiar to the package that we signed up for. We just got time last week to finalize the wedding album with Jay (edits and all). Expecting to receive it in 1-2 wks time. Fingers crossed ;p Hope everyone is able to find a bridal shop and PG that suits their needs ;) Carissa and Chime how did your photoshoot go ? Who s your PG ? Decided on which outdoor ?
  2. thanks for the replies ordered mine with a tailor ;) for < 2k
  3. wow shero thats pretty cheap. how long they require for delivery ?
  4. May I ask for any recommendation for custom made cheongsam ? So far I have few places that I have looked into : - White and Lacy. Saw some good reviews. But seems very busy. Price range moderate - I am a bride. Price range on high side. A bit confused about this place since apparently this shop does not do their own tailoring but gives to L and L Bridal Collection ? - L and L Bridal Collection. Reasonably price. - Bliss Chamber. - Nicleesher TQVM for feedback and advise.
  5. May I ask whats the going price for custom made cheongsam ? Using medium quality material with lace ?
  6. I was told by one shop RM 2100 - 2500
  7. May I ask whats the going price for a custom made cheong sam nowadays ? Lets say I choose some medium expensive / quality material to make it with ?
  8. dear prawnny, hey there ;p I have emailed to your add. But I must say so far service has been marginally professional, not sure if related to the fact we have paid up almost full amount of the package on the shooting day. Been trying to get the in touch with the photographer for the past 3 days to find out the status of our album layout, but there has been no response so far. I am really not sure what is going on.
  9. hi carol have emailed to your address. sorry delay cause forum was loaded with malware these few days. in terms of alteration, for the shooting will pin/roughly sew for you , but i think its the same with other bridal shop. only for the actual day moco said will alter. but moco do not have a in house tailor so not too sure about the quality difference of the tailoring. I have not used my gowns for my actual day yet. At the moment we are still waiting for our album lay out to be done up, been about 3-4 weeks.
  10. Dear carisa , I have sent to your email address that you provided. Please have a read. But I think I saw they doing some promotion now on a similiar package to promote their new video service. Can check it.
  11. We found it useful to decide the location then choose the attire, much easier to see whats suitable. We also found it useful when the photographers gives input on what would look best in the photos. If anyone doing shooting in restaurants etc also check the peak hour for their business ;p Now to decide on a actual day photographers. Any recommendation ?
  12. We just did our photoshooting this week. It was not as tiring as expected for some reason, but still a pretty long day. PG and MUA were good. We were fortunate that haze cleared and cloud seeding not causing it to pour on that day. Was quite fun actually, except for the mix up on one gown that we only discovered when we were outside, lucky the gown was the initial one we selected and not some totally random gown. No point getting angry there cause nothing could be done, just made the best of it. They did give us some compensation, need to wait and see how actual photos turn out, perhaps for the better ? ;p Makeup session photographed by the groom. he had a lot time on his hands ;)
  13. Dear ruling85 and yiyi, Sorry for delay, I was not feeling that well for a few weeks. I have sent details of the package through your emails. Check it out. ;p
  14. Dear eclairs , A bit surprised about PG Jamie. Saw her around the shop seems very friendly and helpful actually. Sekinchan I think the padi fields got harvest season, just make sure its not all harvested ;p Yes most importantly is to enjoy yourself ;p Did you get a bridal bouquet for the photoshoot, ? Considering to get one. Do let us know how the shooting went ya ;p Yes I saw some of the alternated dresses for photography it did look rather patchy - some kedut-kedut. I changed my mind about one of the gown I picked the week before, they allowed me to re select that gown which was nice of them.
  15. Dear eclairs , Yup definitely agree with you. Moco style is very nice and there is a kind of sincerity to their photos ;p Jay is also very creative and passionate - he comes up with rather unique ideas ;p You are right though there is no in-house tailor. But some of our gowns do need to be fitted, not sure if this will be a problem. Ill fitting gowns may look even more borrowed in photos ;o how did your photos turn out ? care to share ;p
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