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  1. Yeh... i am happy that I am going to marry my gf soon because she just say YES to me last month after my wedding propose. Anyway now headache come because I am abit under estimate the cost for organising wedding... The betrothal money asking from her parents was RM15k..dont you all think is too high?? I do not know how to get this money.... Guys...need to know how much your gf's parent ask before and how you all come out with this money if your income is medium level.
  2. I have decided wo put Ipad Air as my Christmas wishlist after look at this clip....hard to make decision..Which one will you choose ?
  3. Any expert can teach me how to get the maximum benefit by using OCBC credit card? Understand that the new feature changed on 29 Nov was the unlimited 1% cash back rebate...should I consider to use this card to pay big item like insurance , bill for medical or buy electrical appliances since is unlimited... Look this all this new feature. http://www.ocbc.com.my/personal-banking/Cards/titanium-mastercard.html?utm_source=ocbc_cards&utm_medium=txt_links_moreinfo&utm_campaign=ocbc_cards_TitaniumMaster
  4. why not saving first before start business....is not easy to do business now...especially in fashion line..so many online services.. people wanted "cheap, good and fast" ! If you got enough saving...then you life would be easier then!
  5. issit only can get 5 times points when spend to travel ? hmmm....How about the other things like shopping and eating outside? Is it still possible to get 5 times the point is not it? haha.... :)
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