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  1. Its has been few years I promise to bring my kids to hong Kong Disneyland to meet thier favourite Mickey and Minne. I have do research and the total cost for the trip is around RM12K for 2 adult & 2 kids. But just now my senior tell me that our bos not going to realease out bonus before Chinese New Year due to the liquidity of the cash flow is not enough. So, our bonus will be delay. Is a big problem for me because im thinking to use that money for the trip. How im gonna tell my kids about this. Cancel for the trip? oh god....
  2. Just want to know the RM 500 rebate still on? Im interest on this tablets as this useful for me. There was no rebate already. Why you din go launching on that day? But if you want to get it the you can get it from Celcom. I think they still have stock ba. Other telco haven sell it yet. Should be start next month ba. Anyway , here is the plan from Celcom.
  3. This tablets with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), 1.5GHz Quad Core Processor , super fast on serving network. As I know this is the one with water resistance and dust proof. Now only Celcom is selling it. If you want to find from others maybe next month. Before that you may try see this. Know more before you purchase. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1NxTQj-NXk nice ads but here where got so many dust la...confirm only celcom selling?? haha..but now got haze so for sure got dust la...jush wash with water kau tim and clean :) my fren said only celcom selling now...you see others selling also??
  4. you mean one from malaysia and one from thailand?? honeymoon why need to communicate??
  5. so far exclusive for Celcom only..other telco not yet start selling
  6. Wow, Sony Xperia Tablet Z is launching today 15 June 2013. Available in 5 outlets and will then available nationwide 19 June 2013 onwards. Price from RM1,438 with Celcom First Data plans. EXCLUSIVELY ON 15 JUNE, LUCKY CUSTOMERS WILL STAND A CHANCE TO ENJOY ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS OF UP TO RM500 PLUS A CHANCE TO TAKE HOME A FREE NFC BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WORTH RM199, AT 5 SELECTED BLUE CUBE & CELCOM XCLUSIVE OUTLETS. Blue Cube @ Iconic, Sunway, Blue Cube @ Pavilion, Blue Cube @ Gardens, CXP @ eCurve and CXP @ Kuchai Lama.
  7. What is the price different between plan and without plan? Any telco offering cheaper price now? BB 1st smartphone got any special spec?
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