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  1. ceryn added a post in a topic people think i'm weird for not having bridesmaids/ji muis =(   

    Ohh...I see... So there is still some kind of polite games/entertainment ? Hmm... will think about it...

    We dont really into games cause no meaning... Thats why im looking for something more meaningful and modern and able to bring cheer as well....

    I agree with you... Some games are really so rude...

    Thanks again for the reply Daniel... :)
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  2. ceryn added a post in a topic Looking for MUA for DEC Klang   

    Thank you very much for all the feedbacks....

    Very much appreciated... :)
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  3. ceryn added a post in a topic people think i'm weird for not having bridesmaids/ji muis =(   

    Hello Every brides here :)

    Well, I'm a bride to be...

    Saw your discussions about the games..

    Actually we don't really into the games as well...

    Need to headache about it and it looks so traditional..

    But i was curious how the ceremony goes like without the time for the games?

    I have 5 bridesmaid in total. I love the way you guys mention about the games.

    I want it more like a .... modern style wedding like...

    Just don't know how to organise and arrange it...

    Morning - bridesmaid arrive my house and getting ready. So when the boys arrive...what's next?

    Hmm.... still no idea how it goes without those games.. hehehe

    Hope all seniors here can advice and comments... :)

    Thank you.
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  4. ceryn added a topic in Bridal Shops & Bridal Boutiques - KL, SS2, Jalan Loke Yew   

    Korea Artiz Studio PJ
    Hello, good day everyone..

    This topic is specially for brides & brides to be...

    First of all, congratulations...

    I would like to know the comment/opinion about this bridal shop at PJ - Korea Artiz Studio..

    Anyone took their package? And how is their service?

    Thanks for the feedback... Very much appreciate it...

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  5. ceryn added a topic in Wedding Hair and Makeup   

    Looking for MUA for DEC Klang
    Hello Everyone,

    Good evening...

    I'm Ceryn, currently looking for MUA for my wedding on 28 Dec 2013..

    Location - Klang, Bukit Tinggi 2.

    Need 2 sessions - morning + night ( make up + hairdo).

    Is there any good recommendations available for me?

    I've contacted - Amelia (BBK) , nearly booked her but slow 1 step.... hehe...

    Any suggestions similar to her quality?


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  6. ceryn added a topic in Wedding Boutiques and Related Services   

    Looking for Good Hokkien Lady Chaperone (Dai Kum Jie)
    Hello, everyone.

    I'm Ceryn, Klang, Selangor.

    I'm looking for dai kum jie/ dai kam gong (Lady Chaperone) for my wedding day at 28 Dec 2013.

    Those quite famous such as Anna, and the Mummy No. 3 ( https://www.facebook.com/mummythree ) are not available anymore.

    I would prefer a dai kam gong like the Mummy No. 3, which can speaks well in Hokkien and humour type.

    Most basic task for a dai kum jie/ dai kum gong would be just during the morning session for prayers as well as the serving tea time.

    Anyone can suggest a good quality one for me?

    Not prefer speaks Cantonese one...

    Thanks and alot of appreciation for any suggestions.

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