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  1. choppaeggyi added a post in a topic Sign A Package Or DIY?   

    Thought so too... Plus, DIY appeared to be more special... As I'm quite large framed, I can't go with certain cutting of gowns, and especially the common tube bell gown is a big NO-NO for me... So I need to search for the perfect dress for me!

    Got it!! TQVM!
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  2. choppaeggyi added a post in a topic Sign A Package Or DIY?   

    Thanks alot for your advices!! I've actually started my research on dress rental & MUA... And my hubs said that is so "ma fan"... So that's why now I'm hesitating... *sigh*

    Big congrats to you... Wish that you'll have a blissful marriage!

    Thanks!! If you don't mind to share your template with me -
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  3. choppaeggyi added a topic in Wedding Album, Wedding Photo & Wedding Blog   

    Sign A Package Or DIY?
    Hi all I'm new here.

    I'm going to have my reception in March 2014, currently deciding if I shouild buy a package from the bridal shop, or DIY.
    Those who have gone through this, I really appreciate your advises, comments and feedbacks.

    Which is more economical cuz bridal shop packages cost at least RM3k and above....

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