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  1. Thanks Blurmarine for the idea. Eastin said they will mot participate in the sept bridal fair so I'm liaising with PIC from catering department on the package.
  2. Hi bettyboop, do you need ampoules for your pre-wedding shoot or actual day? We save for you.We supply ampoules at reasonable price. Any inquiries, welcome to drop me a message. Thanks.

  3. Looking at May-2014 :) Going to meet up with the sales executive next week and see how it goes.
  4. Yeah... Feel silly to take the package now knowing they will offer more comprehensive package during expo. However, the risk of not getting the date I want would be higher...
  5. Called Eastin on Monday and received the quotation yesterday. Good thing is the date I want still available but, package price has increased rm200. The next wedding expo will be on September. Any idea normally what will be offered during the expo as compared to standard package? Saw promotion package on Eastin's website which includes complimentary corkage for unlimited bottle of liquor/wine.
  6. Hi all, I'm BTB in 2014 and I'm considering Eastin... especiallly after reading all the good feedbacks here ^^ Wondering if I can still get a slot for mid 2014.
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