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  1. Sharing my experience.. last time when I know my in-law wanted RM15k for betrothal money..I don alot of survey where is fastest place to get approval and I have choose Citibank and my decision was right! It just need one day for approval!
  2. this ipad air is suitable for gamers since the a7 chips can support the games and videos to go faster and with lesser lag which is really feeling good when u r playing game. also the battery life almost same as ipad 4, abt 10 hrs although ipad air is much thinner than ipad 4.. hehe
  3. i am thinking if i should apply ocbc titanium credit card since they offer 1% unlimited rebate at anytime. i already have one card which is uob one card, will still take this as primary card and ocbc card as secondary 1. uob card rebate 5% for petrol, 2% for groceries, others only 0.3%, how good if i own a ocbc card and can get 1% off instead of 0.3% rebate :p
  4. If more me to choose credit card , i wanted credit card that gave us highest rewards points and must got freebies..wonder which credit card have this ? advise me pls~
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