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  1. You travel in same place ah??? Maybe you can try MAS and AirAsia???
  2. Don't you all think is kinda a ridiculos to get personal loan for wedding dinner?? My personal point of view is you have to do what you could afford......i cant imagine first day after married is thinking how to settle the debt....very pantang lei! I was so shock to this article! http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/till-debt-do-us-part
  3. for me, i will get Ipad 4 since ipad air and Ipad 4 is more or less the same and the most important 1... the price is RM 500 higher with slight changes.... somehw, gadget that couldn't make phone cal is consider expensive for me..
  4. need your guys advise whereby how to get Air Purifier and Air cond in RM1500...my budget is only around that figure..really cant stand the bad weather and the air is so badly after the haze....anyone to advise me? many thanks!
  5. This is the feature that I like most about this card which you allowed to choose any of the category just to get the maximum earning of reward points. Let say you choose Travel and shopping ..mean you have to pay RM200 because is RM100 per category.The spending for shopping should capped at RM1000 per month..if exceeded you will get 1x rewards point. And your salary per year have to be minimum RM36,000 to get this card. Hope you can understand ,if not just see here http://www.citibank.com.my/K56SD
  6. hey.. I personally thinks give away reward point is pretty good idea. Because A lot housewife very like to use point to change voucher! This can help them to attract customer tremendously. I just got sign up with Citi Platinum Reward Card...main reason is they give me 20k rewards point FREE! Another thing is I can choose the category that I would spend most to earn maximum points. For example If I shop at Topman or Zara and spend about RM500 in any outlet... I will definitely get 2500 rewards points back.
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