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  1. changelar added a post in a topic looking for credit card   

    aiya cannot la, my salary only allow me to apply the worldmiles cards. and they currently just partnered with Hertz car rental and also which means we can get special price when book car or accommodation! how good. there are many other discount on other stuff..u all can check out here..really like this card! :)
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  2. changelar added a post in a topic looking for credit card   

    no lah. since want to spend the money,so i spend wisely lah using the card.haha
    cause can collect point can redeem for free flight lo :P
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  3. changelar added a topic in Wealth Management   

    looking for credit card
    im looking for a credit card for myself since few weeks ago.. any recommendation?
    that day when i was shopping with mom, a credit card salesman tried to approach me to sign up their credit card
    i personally think that it's quite ok one. cause the minimum salary needed is only RM2500
    and every single buck we spent wil be converted into points
    the best one is, complimentary with 25000 air asia big point,we can redeem our point with free flight to siam reap, bali, phuket and many more places
    sounds great huh! thinking going to get one soon! teeheee
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