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  1. Nowadays we are more concern with what we eat and drink. We are concern about if it is dairy or non-dairy, high cal or low cal, raw sugar or brown sugar, any additives or preservatives and the list will goes on and on. Organic shops have been doing good lately and mushrooming almost in every business center and housing area. We are becoming selective in our day to day food and drink intake. Because of internet convenience (e.g. youtube and fb), we have learnt how companies tweak their ingredients to achieve higher profit but compromise the consumers health either in short or long term. Here we would like to share with you a healthier choice for white coffee and cocoa lover. We are proud to bring you Daily Right's Friends for OKU Stevia White Coffee and Stevia Cocoa. Our stevia drinks are healthy, tasty and most importantly low in calorie. Stevia is a plant originates from South America and use widely in latin countries as well as Japan. It becomes a popular natural sugar substitute in these country. Coca Cola has embarked on stevia in their latest product, Coke Life. Today Malaysia government also starting to encourage us to less intake on sugar due to a big hike of diabetes patient registered every year. Beside suitable for diabetes, the Stevia Cocoa is also very recommended for kids and everyone regardless or age or gender. We are committed to deliver : ● Low Calorie 低卡路里 Kalori rendah ● No Sugar, Natural Sweetness 不含糖/糖精,自然甜味 Tanpa gula, kemanisan semula jadi ● Premium 100% Arabica Coffee (Freeze Dried) 100%纯正阿拉比卡冷冻干燥咖啡豆 100% Kopi Arabica Premium (Freeze Dried) ● With added Fruit Fiber, Pea Protein and Soy Protein 含有果实纤维、豌豆蛋白和大豆蛋白 Ditambah fiber buah-buahan, protein pea dan protein soya ● No Flavoring, No Coloring, No Artificial Additives, and No Preservatives 不含调味料、色素、稳定剂、人工添加剂和防腐剂 Tiada perisa, tiada pewarna,tiada bahan tambahan dan pengawet ● Fresh & Energize, No Emulsifier (E471, E472e), No Anti-Caking Agent (E551) 新鲜和充满能量,不含乳化剂 (E471, E472e),不含抗结剂 (E551) Menyegarkan dan bertenaga tiada pengemulsi (E471, E472e), tiada agen anti-caking (E551) Nett weight: Stevia White Coffee - 500gm/packet Stevia Cocoa - 500gm/packet Serving size : Stevia White Coffee - 5 teaspoon / 2 tablespoon in 160ml hot water Stevia Cocoa - 5 teaspoon / 2 tablespoon in 160ml hot water Price: Stevia White Coffee - RM38 Stevia Cocoa - RM38 Shelf life: 2 years Jakim certifies Halal To order, please email to peter@okudailyright.com or call 012 338 3512 Delivery free of charge for orders more than RM100 https://www.facebook.com/okudailyright
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