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  1. Hi can email me the photo cos cant download it....
  2. Hi, Can pm me i interested in the midstream for ovulation and pregnancy test... Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm interested. Can email to me the photo to my email lynnsushi@yahoo.com Thanks
  4. can share with me the photo and package. my email is lynnsushi@yahoo.com
  5. mind to share yr photo with me... my email is lynnsushi@yahoo.com TQ
  6. Hi, Im interested in the kwa... Can send me the picture of kwa and price to my email cutie_dear@hotmail.com thank you
  7. i wanted to rent also... can i have your contact number? thanks
  8. pm me the price also the picture please... thanks :)
  9. Hi Birde-to-be, I have a customize wedding gown from That Special Occassional.... Reason to let it go because I wanted to clear my wardrobe for my baby's clothes. It include 1.5m veil... Original price is RM 2200. Selling price is RM450 http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5261-img-1309/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5260-img-1308/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5259-img-1307/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5258-img-1306/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5257-img-1305/ http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/gallery/image/5256-veil/
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